With the the Astra Militarum re-release due for official the announcement the deluge of leaked pictures from White Dwarf 10 begins. It appears that we will only receive one new kit in the first week of releases along with the new Codex. 

We have already seen a shot of the new Hydra a few weeks ago but now it has been confirmed. The new Hydra kit can also be assembled as a Wyvern, which is reported to be a BS3 12/10/10 vehicle with 3 Hull Points. The weapon is a 48" Str 4 AP6 Blast, with Barrage, Blast, Ignores Cover and Shred. I for one am very looking forward to this kit, having more artillery options for Imperial Guard is always a good thing.

We will also be getting order cards, which will be especially useful for those of us that always seem to forget to issue them.. Anyway, feast your eyes on the images below:

Source: 40k Warzone

Hot On The Wire.

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