If you saw our This Week on Kickstarter article from last week, then you may already be aware of a project by Jeffrey Jones which is currently seeking funding. His Folding Gaming Tables offer a versatile and sturdy alternative to standard fixed gaming tables. The perfect solution to those who do not have the space for a large sized permanent gaming tale.

I caught up with Jeffrey to discuss his project in some more detail. The write up of which you can see below.

PH = Peter Harrison
JJ = Jeffrey Jones

PH: Welcome Jeffrey to Talk Wargaming. Lets kick things off by talking about your kickstarter project. What can you tell us about it?

JJ: Thanks for having me on Talk Wargaming Pete! The table is the culmination of ideas over the past few years.  I wanted a table that I didn't have to wrestle with or need someone else to set it up. The table has heavy duty casters so it moves easily and still hold a substantial amount of weight. 
The size I built for myself is a 4 foot by 6 foot table.  This is the size needed to play a Warhammer 40K scenario on.  The idea for the add on shelves and trays came from the need to accommodate the players and what they may need no matter where they sat at the table.
I also play a lot of RPG so the size is good for having the dungeon or map area set up in the middle and still have room for character sheets and players notes and gear sheets.
I wanted to design a way to keep miniatures and terrain from falling over so I figured a way to add metal to the tabletop so magnetized pieces do not fall over when the table is bumped, which for me is every time we play!

PH: You mention that you use the table to play Warhammer 40k. How would the table fair with the Realm of Battle gaming boards produced by Games Workshop and Forgeworld?

JJ: These would work fantastically. The table top inside of the raised outer edge is 4x6 just for this reason. This would help lock them into place for a nice tight fit. 
The availability of CO2 laser cutters for the home hobby builders has made available a lot of fantastic 12 inch battle board that will also fit nicely on the table. 

PH: From the videos on your project page the table looks well engineered and sturdily built. Are you simply a DIY enthusiast or has your background provided the knowledge to design these tables? 

JJ: I am a DIY enthusiast.  Thats actually a simplification of it though.  If there were Paladins of DIY than I might be one, or maybe that would be Zealot!  I do have some education in engineering even though I never became one.  My career ended up as an Air Traffic Controller which I loved.  I recently retired though and find myself pursuing a lot of the ideas I have had for gaming.  My eventual goal would be to open a FLGS! (Friendly Local Game Store)

PH: And you would no doubt fill your FLGS with your folding gaming tables! Now I have seen that not only do you offer the tables pre-built, but you also provide the plans and drawings for people to build their own. How much of task would this be for a layman such as myself?

JJ: The project is a very simple design.  I have been tinkering with woodworking for quite some time and found that plans are sometimes lacking.  These plans will be designed for new wood workers.  I will cover everything from selecting lumber to finishing.
As far as joining the wood together there are mostly very basic butt joints and a few a little more complex joints for under the tabletop.  Kind of like having a slot cut out of both pieces of wood so it fits into each other to form a cross or x.  
The only power tool you would need is a jigsaw and a drill for screwing in all the screws.  Of course you could do it all with hand tools... but that would take a bit more time and muscle.  I use a table saw and power miter saw and others but if you don’t have them you don’t need to go out and buy one!

PH: That's good news, I may be handy with a hobby knife but my woodworking skills are little lacking! Your project was successfully funded after a few days, you have been backed well above your target and there is still plenty of time left. Do you think your successes will encourage you to create more kickstarter campaigns in the future? If so what do you have in mind?

JJ: I chose a low level and a fairly simple idea to get me involved in the process of Kickstarting and I have learned a lot from doing the table.  I do plan on doing more projects on KickStater and I have 2 in mind and I will need to get all my prototypes and graphics complete before I hit the go button. 
The other idea may be coupled with the first and would involve one foot square battle type boards.  I am probably a few months away from launching those.  I also have an idea for a 7 sided table that would be used for RPGs as well. It seems I have a lot of ideas to share!  I hope to help those like me to have the best gaming experience their groups can have!

My next ideas have to do strictly with RPGs like the D&D and Pathfinder systems.  The miniature and terrain aspect has always interested me and I have an idea for dungeon building that doesn’t have to be constricted to the 90 degree turns and corners you see now.  You would still use the squares for movement and ranges but the layout of your dungeon could very easily have a hallway that slowly constricts from 2 inches wide to 1/2 inch if you so desired. 

PH: Thank you for talking with us Jeffrey good luck with your kickstarter campaign and we wish you all the best for your future projects.


After getting some insight into what goes into these tables from Jeffrey himself, I can see how valuable a project this would be for fans of Wargaming and RPGs. Most people simply do not have the luxury of space to have a full sized dedicated gaming table in their homes and this is the perfect solution. What is also appealing are the details such as a the metal panel beneath the baize allowing you to magnetize your terrain for extra stability.

So if you're interested in owning one of these tables then you'll be able to back the project on Jeffreys kickstarter page.

If you are a part of the Wargaming industry, or like Jeffrey you have a kickstarter campaign, and would like us to interview you or review your products then contact us at talkwargaming@gmail.com.

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