So I'm sure we've all had that moment of weakness where, despite holding a well played Army of your choosing that you've spent months lovingly painting up and refining your list and tactics over atleast a few years - you start to have unfaithful thoughts and fantasize about experimenting with something a little different (starting to sound more like a Marriage than Warhammer, bare with me...).

Personally I regularly browse Armys I currently down own on Games Workshops website, and for most of them I can see myself going down that line of "I'd like to paint those models" or "I could just have a small 500 point force...." that inevitably leads to more shelf room being taken up and hiding bank statements from my better half for the next few months.

But, whilst I can sit there clicking away at all the lovely plastic crack on offer - there's one Army I don't even bother looking at and that is Chaos Daemons. I'm not really sure why, it's not because I hate the badguys or anything - I have Chaos Space Marines of my own and I love the Tyranid models and the Dark Eldar - to me Daemons just seem so flat and devoid of character, atleast the Tyranids have the whole Starship Troopers thing going on. I think the fact that they don't really die, they merely get banished back to the Warp a turnoff fluff-wise too, there's no real fear for them to experience because death isn't an issue.

I sort of feel the same way about Necrons and Tomb Kings in Fantasy too, which leads me to think my main driver for buying an army is the 'Narrative' as Games Workshop obsessively brands it these days. If I start a new Army, I generally buy Black Library novels about them also so that I can learn more about the fluff whilst I build my new force.

What about you guys? What Army could you never play and why? Is it aestetics, mechanics, or something else?

Let me know!

~ Bayonet

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