Mantic Games have once again dipped into the modular terrain market with the release of their amazing "Battlezones" terrain.

They've come out with plenty of different (affordable) options. Have a butchers at the images below and check out their news release.


Battlezones is high quality hard plastic sci-fi terrain designed to use with both mass battle and skirmish wargames.

The kits are made from a big range of gloriously detailed tiles and you can quickly snap-fit your buildings together with our innovative connector system, allowing you to construct everything from an entire city quadrant to a small-fortified bunker!
The system is entirely modular and you can assemble your tiles in any combination – there is no limit to what you can build!
Never before has building a true 3D gaming space been this easy or this affordable.

Fortify your Gaming Table
Whether you’re playing in the claustrophobic confines of a planetary research station, the sprawling war-torn cities that litter distant galaxies, or simply want to add Defense Lines, armored strongholds and Landing Zones to your battlefield, there’s a great range of Battlezone scenery sets designed to fill your gaming table:

Urban Quadrant

All of the Battlezones kits are cross compatible, meaning you can expand your battlefield in an unimaginable number of ways.
Battlezones are now available to pre-order from – pre-order the Urban Quadrant now and get 2 FREE Ruins Sprues ahead of the launch later in the year!

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