Welcome wargamers to another installment of This Week On Kickstarter, the home of the hottest crowd funding campaigns in the tabletop world.

This week we travel from the cavernous depths all the way out into space. So let's get going!

To kick-start our journey this week (See what I did there? No? I'll go back to my cave. . . ) we have the Cavern's by Dwarven Forge. This is the company's second kickstarter based around their modular dungeon system. This campaign has already raised nearly a million dollars and isn't slowing down anytime soon. With 19 days to go, the total is only going to climb even higher. 

The terrain comes in two varieties; Dark Grey and Expertly Hand Painted. While the painted option is more expensive, it's nice to have the option. Especially for the gamer who barley has time to paint their minis, never mind their terrain! 

Next up we have Mercs: Recon. This project is funding a new board game from the guys behind Myth and the Mercs Tabletop game. Recon introduces new plastic minis for the Mercs existing factions, as well as some new miniatures in the form of workers, security guards and new merc team members. 

Recon is a player Vs. A.I game where the "enemies" are controlled by an A.I deck and players assume control of different squads of mercenaries as they progress through an office building and complete their missions. 

In addition to the Recon game, the campaign will fund Conflict, a new dice based game set in the world of Mercs. There is also a pledge level that gets you the newest version of the Mercs tabletop rulebook, stat cards for you to use your Recon miniatures in the Mercs game and a whole host of other goodies. If you've ever considered the mercs tabletop game, this is the time to jump on-board! 

Heading further from the ground, we have the Skyway Project from Burn In Designs. This project is raising funds for a new modular terrain system made from laser cut MDF. 

The terrain looks perfect for a myriad of games; from Mercs to 40k. The clean, sci fi look is very distinctive and the detail all looks nice and sharp.

To round off this week's installment, we take to the stars and look at the Space Station Terrain Project by JB Miniatures.

Anyone familiar with sci fi will surely recognize the iconic style of these terrain boards. Designed with games like X Wing and Attack Wing in mind, these boards are packed full of details which help recreate the feel of the trench run in the closing scenes of A New Hope.

The boards modular design means you could create massive tables, ideal for demo and participation games.

The campaign has already broken its goal and should be revealing the first set of stretch goals soon!

That's it for another week. Be sure to let us know what you think of these projects in the comments below. And if you know of or run a campaign you would like to see featured on Talk Wargaming, get in touch via the form below or through twitter at either @talkwargaming or@imm0rtalreaper.

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