Time for another rumor roundup and as predicted the rumor well has certainly dried up. In the space of a week we haven't heard a great deal, well, pretty much all the *BIG* stuff has been covered already.

Rumors Specialists Required

Here at Talk Wargaming we're keen to bring some news and rumors scoops to the community and to that end we're going to offer rewards for people that supply us with original proven rumors. For every rumor that people send our way that in due time proves to be correct we'll give the source $10 - no questions asked and certainly anonymously (if you have any feedback on this please fire me an email). This isn't to say news isn't to be shared via other channels - once we've broken your news to the community we're happy for you to share it with anyone you see fit. Also, if you see a rumor online and want to help us out, shoot us a message as well. In both cases we can be contacted via the contact form at the bottom left of every page or via email to talkwargaming@live.com

Just remember, there are a lot of rumors out there and the potential to make a few shillings is MASSIVE if you've got your ear to the ground and the stones to let us know.

Warhammer 40k Rumors

The Crimson Slaughter

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Crimson Slaughter
Crimson Slaughter can ally with as Battle Brothers with Chaos Space Marines
All models in the Crimson Slaughter Detachment have Fear.
Choose one unit of chosen to be upgraded at +10pts. Gain preferred enemy.
Possessed are Troops. Roll a d3 at the start of the CS players turn. 1: Unit and Vehicle if embarked are shrouded 2: Unit type becomes Beast 3: Gain a 3+ invul save and rending

Warlord Traits
1. Warlord and unit gain hate, extra bonus's against Dark Angels
2. All enemy units within 12" of warlord suffer a -2 to fear tests
3. Warlord has Rage and Furious Charge, but must charge attempt to assault if within 12"
4. Warlord and unit gain Crusader
5. Enemy models in base contact with Warlord take d6 S3 ap hits at the beginning of each assault phase
6. Warlord has shrouded

1. Replaces a powermaul on a Dark Apostle S +2 AP4 Concussive and all CS units in 6" gain Zealot
2. Soul Siphon gains powers based off of enemy models removed in close combat. Effects last the rest of the game 1. +1S     3. AP 2    5. +1S    10. Instant Death
3. Furious charge, Hamer of Wrath and rage
4. Gain Divination and can re-roll failed psychic tests. No Deny the Witch bonus's
5. Cannot be taken by a Daemon Prince. Gains 2+ save and it will not die
6. Gain Daemon, Fearless, and fleet, and gains the Crimson Slaughter possessed mutation-roll a d3.

Horus Leak

We covered this one recently in a previous post but I'm placing it here regardless.

Ogryn Images Released

General Games Workshop Rumors

New GW Webstore Testing

According to mr anonymous from Faiet GW are in the final phase of testing their new webstore in the next few days. Allegedly penciled for an early April Roll out.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
the new GW web store will have it's final testing phase from 17th to 20th of march. Guess we can expect the new webstore in early april!

White Dwarf Weekly & Warhammer Visions

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
just saw the next WDW, it's about apocalypse formation of knight, and a
book of apocalyspe will be sold.
nothing about the new guard ogryns or scions etc...
painting articles about metabrutus, pages about apocalypse, a dataslate for
daemons (exalted chariot tzench) and a datasheet for a knight formation in

via an anonymous reader on Faeit 212
Exalted Flamer
I have the WD7, and the rules released are for the Exalted flamer without
his chariot (since heralds occasionally steals it):
Marine stats with 3W 3A Ld7. HQ that takes up a Herald slot.
IC infantry, no jump, can't buy further gifts Blue and Pink fire. Also
Fantasy stats, but I am not into that currently. So, not a cashgrab or
improvement on the chariot itself, just a way to use the model if you took
the herald on the disc instead. Apparently they asked Jervis because they
thought it was a waste of the model. 

Imperial Knight Formation

Household Spearhead is 3-5 Knights in an armoured spearhead, 1 of which is
a Knight Warlord (I assume he gets a warlord trait, at least he is a
Seneschal). They have either Interceptor or scout, chosen when deployed.

Apocalypse Damocles

Damocles will have Tau Paradox Squadron, Sun shark bombers with a D weapon.
Tau Ranged Support Cadre, who double their number of markerlights.

Helstorm Squadron of Hellhounds with Instant Death helstorm template.

The following are the ones they show the full page of. Tiny text as usual,
but readable.
*Piranha firestream Squadron; 5 piranha that, if they end deployment within
6" of a table edge, they can enter ongoing reserve, then enter again with
full numbers again, fully repaired. Always enter play on second turn.

*Ethereal council; 1-5 ethereals, 01 Aun'va, 01 Aun'Shi. 24" Failure is not
an option, bleeds one Strategic victory point, everyone can invoke one
additional elemental power.
Focus seems to be on Shadowsun, House Terryn, Raven Guard and White Scars

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...