White Dwarf Weekly Issue 8 hit shelves this weekend and so we have a review for you, both in video and in text form:

The main focus of this issue is all of the new releases that we are getting on the 29th. Not only are we getting two new scenery pieces for 40k but also a heap load of The Hobbit miniatures. Due to the number of releases, more than half of the magazine is devoted to spotlighting them which is a little excessive as a lot of the information is available on the Games Workshop website.

What is nice about the magazine is that The Hobbit game system actually gets some attention. Not only do we have the new releases but also a battle report and a article on Beorn. If you are a Hobbit fan then this will be a welcome addition especially, since the start of the new White Dwarf format, we haven't seen any Hobbit related articles.

This issue does not feature a Sprues and Glue article but does have a Paint Splatter. This week it focuses on painting the new Quake Cannon Craters and gives some good advice on weathering techniques. What is interesting on this page is the "Next Week: Into the Tempest..." which pretty much confirms that we will be seeing the Militarum Tempestus in next weeks White Dwarf.

The Imperial Knights also get (yet) another mention with a tactics article. It gives you some good pointers on how to most out of your own knight but as well as some tips on how to best tackle them yourself.


Overall this issue wasn't a bad, its a little frustrating when over half of the magazine is dedicated to showing off the new releases though. It does redeem itself by having some focus on the Hobbit stuff, even though it is the least popular of the three gaming systems. After all if your not giving it much exposure then it will not help sales. It also seemed a little strange to dedicate so much page space to the Void Shield Generator, even though only a 1000 are available. If your into the hobbit or have been lucky enough to pick up a Shield Generator then this issue is definitely for you.

My overall rating for this issue: 6/10

Hot On The Wire.

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