Happy Friday wargamers. We've got another product review for you today. JB Casting has sent us over some of their Alaska barriers.

JB Casting is a new venture that at the moment only sells through their facebook page. They sell a range of plaster cast terrain pieces from tank traps, to Jersey barriers and the Alaska barriers we will be looking at today.

The Alaska barriers come in three styles, pictured beside respectively: Medium damage, light/no damage, heavy damage.


"Scatter terrain" has become an ever more important part of our wargaming table in recent years, with the rise of skirmish games like infinity. Blocking lanes of fire is crucial in games like this. These barriers offer a way to fill your table with great looking scatter terrain at a reasonable price. Because each of the barriers has various levels of damage hand sculpted, each one is different, meaning you aren't going to be left with a battlefield of identical terrain.

Because the Alaska barriers are rather "generic", they would work well in a multitude of settings ranging from modern day to far future. With the right paint job you could even use them in games like malifaux.

Visually, they look spot on. Even if you don't know the name of them, you recognize the style of barrier.

Character gets a 10/10


The detail on these pieces is fantastic! Anyone who has worked with plaster knows how much of a pain it can be to work in any sort of detail. The JB Casting barriers are made from a very strong plaster (I would assume a dental plaster) meaning they can take a fair beating (relatively speaking. I still don't suggest you throw them at walls, you crazy kids!)

The damage that has been sculpted in is fantastic. The medium piece has large bullet holes sculpted in, each with fracture lines emanating from them. The heavy damage piece has pieces of rebar showing through the large blast hole. Even the light damage piece isn't completely blank, having small damage details.

One of the nice features of the pieces is that the back of each piece (other than the holes on the heavy damage one) is untouched. Meaning you have the potential to use each piece as intact of weathered. 

Detail gets a 10/10


The quality of these pieces is great! Even though they are cast in plaster, they are sturdy and should be able to withstand the wears of gaming easily. I'd still hit them with a coat of varnish to help the paint not to chip though.

Quality gets a 10/10

Value and Service

The barriers come in three prices:

Light Damage - £1
Medium Damage - £1.50
Heavy Damage - £2

The pieces are cheap enough that you can buy enough to fill your board with all the scatter terrain it needs.

The service from JB was great too. He's got great communication, will give you photo updates on your order and packages everything very well. 

Value and Service gets a 10/10

So overall, JB Casting gets a 10/10

I know some people may be wary of buying direct from a facebook page, but you shouldn't be. JB casting offers a great product at a great price. I'll certainly be picking up more barriers to help fill out my gaming table.

Head over to their facebook and give them a like!

And let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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