Welcome wargamers, to another product review. This time we're taking a look at Chimeric Designs, a new company that is making laser cut terrain and gaming aids.

We've got two products to look at today. First a set of Malifaux Markers and then a Silo "Conversion" Kit.

Malifaux Markers

To start with we're going to take a look at the Malifaux Markers. 


Laser cut stuff in general works really well with the aesthetic of Malifaux. That burn wood look really compliments the visual style of the game. Each of the tokens in the set has two parts to it; the name of the token, which is engraved in a Malifaux style font, and a corresponding picture, which is line etched. 

Which the names of each token feel distinctively Malifaux, I think the only token with a picture that feels in place is the search token, with the stylized X. I think the other tokens could have benefited from some more detailed pictures. 

Character gets a 7/10


The detail of the pieces is nice. The tokens are cleanly cut and all the lines are precise and neat. Again, I think some of the markers are a little simple and could have benefited from some additional detailing, using the engraved style of the font in the pictures themselves perhaps. But aside from that, the detail is great.

Detail gets an 8/10


All the tokens are a good quality. The lines are clean and should you wish to paint them (I would leave them unpainted personally) they should pick up the paint well enough. Just remember that the wood will absorb an awful lot of paint, so don't use anything too expensive.

Also included in the set are 10 acrylic soul stone markers (not pictured because my camera just refused to get focus on them) These are great little pieces, made from either red, purple, blue, or green. They are very vibrant so easy to spot on the battlefield, which is always helpful. 

Quality gets a 9/10

Value and Service 

The tokens are £9 for a set, which may seem a little pricey, but they are unique and will stand out on the tabletop.

The service was fantastic. The package arrive quickly and well protected.

Value and Service gets and 8/10

So overall, the Malifaux markers get an 8/10

Silo "Conversion" Kit

Next up we're looking at the Silo "Conversion" Kit. This kit is designed to turn a 500ml can into a silo. It's called a conversion kit because you have to provide the can yourself. I don't think that will be a problem for most of us though.

If you get in touch with them, Chimeric can send you a version suitable for 440ml cans (which is what I did, as I had some lying around)


The kit is fairly generic, which actually works in its favour. This kit would be ideal for all manner of game systems. Originally designed for Mantic's Deadzone, the silos fit nicely in a 3 inch square. However, they would look just as home in a game of inifinity, mercs, 40k or just about any other modern to future system you can think of. They could even work for earlier periods as water towers if you wished. 

Character gets a 10/10


As mentioned previously, the kit is fairly generic, so there ins't all that much detail to be found. However, what is present is very nice. The platform that runs the length of the silo is broken into squares and has grates which break up the look. The top platform is grated and each of the end pieces is made to look like a metal cover. 

Detail gets an 8/10


The quality of the piece is very nice. Everything is cleanly cut and fits together very nicely. You could assemble the silo without glue and it will stand up fine. Though I do recommend adding glue for extra stability.

The only real drawback to the kit is the thickness of the wood. The wood is only 2mm thick which does make it weak in some places, such as the center and bottom supports. Once everything is together, it's strong enough, but be careful you don't break any of the pieces while putting it together. 

Quality gets an 8/10

Value and Service 

1 silo kit is £5, or you can get 5 of them for £20. This may seem a little expensive at first, especially considering you have to get a can as well. But what you're getting is more than worth it. For your money, you're getting a great looking piece of industrial terrain that takes up a nice big area (especially when you place them together), blocks line of sight, and adds some verticality to your table.

You can see from the picture above that the piece is a decent size and 5 of them on the able makes a real impact. 

As before, the service from Chimeric was excellent. 

Value and Service gets a 9/10, meaning the Silo kit gets an 8.75 overall. 

There you have it folks. Be sure to head to the Chimeric Designs website and check them out.

Let us know what you think in the comments and I'll see you next time!

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