After finally being able to tear myself away from Titanfall I was able to un-box and review the new Chaos Helbrute kit. So first of all lets look at what you get for your money:


The kit contains enough parts to construct a single Helbrute along with several customization options. These include the following weapon options:

Left Arm
  • Thunder hammer
  • Power scourge
  • Power Fist (with combi-bolter / heavy flamer attachment)
  • Missile Launcher
Right Arm
  • Power Fist
  • Twin Linked Heavy Bolter
  • Twin Linked Lascannon
  • Reaper Autocannon
  • Multi-Melta
  • Plasmacannon

With a choice of 24 different weapon combinations you will be able to field all of the Hellbrutes weapon options featured in its rules listing. In addition to arms you have a choice of two left shoulder-pads, one with horns and the other without.

As well as the weapons we also get a choice of 6 heads providing a mixture of bare and helmeted heads. 4 of the heads are loosely themed around a Chaos god whereas the remaining 2 are rather generic. What is interesting about the heads is that they are roughly the same size of the standard Marine head. They also feature the same ball joint at the neck too allow the Helbrute heads to be replaced with Chaos Marine heads, which should allow for some rather interesting kit bashing. Unfortunately, due to the pipes going into the heads, it would be difficult to put a Helbrute head on a Chaos Marines body.

Further customization options come in the form of the sarcophagus, one with gilded horns, one with short horns and one with larger horns similar to that seen on the Dark Vengeance variant. Finally you have the choice of running pipes from your Helbrutes weapons or using blood tanks (as seen in the image) instead. I think these would be especially nice on a Khornate Helbrute or filled with vile liquids on a Nurgle dedicated

I give the Helbrute 9/10 Marks of  for Contents. (For the sheer number of weapon options)


The first thing you will notice is that it is firmly based on the Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance starter kit and is far flung from the previously metal Chaos Dreadnought *shudders*. Other than the inclusion of multiple weapon options, there are only real a small number of differences between the two. The new Helbrute features Dreadnought style, metal feet where as the DV version has toes and toenails which looked a little silly in my opinion. The new Helbrute does not feature the curly horns sprouting from the side of the sarcophagus. The toothed maw remains however, but has been moved to the right of the body.

It is apparent from the beginning that a lot of care and attention to detail have gone into this model. The vast number of pipes, tubes and other mechanical parts are a great contrast against the muscular parts of the Helbrute. The ball jointed waste allows for some dynamic posing which can be used to reflect its maddened state. This also serves to give it a strong distinction from the more stoic Space Marine dreadnoughts. The transitions between the metal and flesh areas are smooth and natural which really give the impression that this machine has been ravaged by the twisting powers of the warp for a long time.

I give the Helbrute 8/10 Marks of Chaos for Design.


At £33 / $54 the Helbrute costs about 17% more than the loyalist equivalent. However when you compare the number of weapons options, the Helrutes 10 vs a Venerable Dreadnoughts 5, you can see the reason for the higher cost.  The fact that the the arms could be magnetized, with a little effort, also help to improve its value for money. By being able to easily alter your Helbrutes load-out you will be getting full use from all of the kits parts.

It also appears that the Helbrutes current rules, which are somewhat lacking in punch, have also been given a make over in the new Helbrute data slate. The option to take 3 of them as a squadron should make them look a little more appealing to Chaos players.

I give the Helbrute 6/10 Chaos Stars for Value (The Maulerfiend is much larger for only £8 / $14 more)


Overall the Hellbrute is a great looking kit, the warp distressed armour and mutated flesh really set the standard for Chaos Space Marines. No longer are they just Space Marines with spikes, they are an enitity of their own. The sheet number of weapons options you get is good to see, especially when so many previous kits did not contain enough parts to assemble all of the options listed in the codex.

I give the Helbrute 8/10 Marks of Chaos overall.

Our Helbrute came from Element Games, a UK based company who offer 20% GW new releases and 15% off everything else. They also stock products from all of the major wargaming manufacturers as well. If you use the code PET818 at checkout you will also get double reward points as well.

If you want to get a better look at the kit itself  we have filmed an un-boxing of the Helbrute which you can watch below:

Hot On The Wire.

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