Ignoring all of the rumours that are flying around for the Imperial Guard (or whatever they're going to be called), here is a review on an excellent alternative vehicle. It's the G.O.T. Nova-Rus Bear 4x4 Jeep, from Antenocitis Workshop.

Antenocitis Workshop sells a huge range of vehicles, figures and scenery, in various different size formats. I have used two other vehicles from them in a Liaison team project. These were a Warthog Scout and a Viper Recon vehicle, and they were both very well cast, but a bit tricky to put together.

Anyway, onto the Bear. The packaging is quite simple and robust, a plastic pack with a cardboard insert shows the model on the front. And if you turn over you can see all the bits inside. It's similar in style to the GW clampacks, very minimalistic.

The pack opens up easily enough and doesn't leave any sharp plastic if you're gentle when you open it. Inside the packaging there is a piece of foam between the bits and the packing. Once the foam has been removed, you can take out the components that make up the kit.

 The kit contains 3 big pieces of resin: the main body and two different roof options. There are also 4 tyres and a turret, which are shown in the previous picture. The resin has a good amount of detail, without going over the top. There are plenty of surfaces that are plain, so you can add stowage or some vehicle markings easily. There was very little flash, but the roof sections needed a large amount of filing to make the front edge smooth. Also there were one or two air bubbles but nothing that wasn't easy to fix.

Also in the kit is a little bag which had all of the metal pieces. This is where you'll find the doors, mudflaps and wheel centres. Again the quality is very crisp and only minimal work was needed to tidy up the pieces. Also in this bag is the Bear's one and only gun. It's at the top of the picture, on the right. Whilst this may be ok for other game systems, it definitely does not fit with the 40K universe. I tried out an autocannon from the Cadian heavy weapon sprue and this looks like it will fit without too much effort. This will make it a much more viable alternative.

Overall, the Bear is a good option for a an Imperial Guard vehicle. It's noticeably smaller than a Chimera, which is 12.5cm long, 9.5cm wide and 6cm high (approx) against the Bear's 10cm length, 5cm width and 4cm height. I don't think there would be too many complaints about using this as a FW Tauros proxy, as long as you beef up the main gun.

My only complaint about the kit would be the quality of the instructions. There are no instructions included in the box and there are some basic ones available as a PDF on the Antenocitis Workshop site (after a bit of searching). The available instructions don't really do much to help with where anything on the underside of the model need to go, and it took a few moments of dry fitting to establish this. This might not be too much of a problem for an experienced builder, but may be more confusing for those who haven't ventured out of the realm of more simplistic kits.

Before I finish up, here are a couple of shots of the kit fully built, but before painting.

 Kitted out with the weapon turret

Kitted out with the flat fastback roof

You can of course leave the roof off and have the interior showing. Oh and one last thing, I managed to get a Guard Sentinel pilot to fit in there and it looks like his head and arms would fit too.

To conclude:
Good quality
Different roof options
Good size for Guard
Plenty of detail without being overwhelming
Very poor instructions

Thanks for reading, and I hope this has been of use.

Courtney @ Cadian 127th

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