This morning, Focus Home Interactive announced via their twitter that they have a new game in the works, Mordheim. It appears that the now defunct specialist game is getting a revival in video game form. Detailed information is a little scarce at the moment but we their have been a few details revealed.


From the Mordheim section on the Focus website it appears that the game will essentially be the same as its tabletop ancestor. The main premise is to choose a warband, hire new recruits and fight other warbands for control over the city. Along the way you will earn experience and new items in which to upgrade your group with. This is good news as, much like space hulk, the computer game version matches very closely to the original.

We have also been enlightened on some of the factions which will be appearing in the game:
Sisters of Sigmar, Possessed, Skaven, Mercenaries from the Empire, and many more
I'm hoping that the "any many more" part relates to factions available from day one ad not DLC factions.

There has been no news as to what platforms we will be seeing Mordheim on but, based on the graphical quality of the screenshots and the publishers previous titles, my money is on PC.


Alongside the announcement we have also be given a number of screenshots in which to whet your appetite on.

To take a look at Focus Interactives news Page yourself, follow this link.

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