With Forge Worlds open day in full swing we are already beginning to see a lot of interesting things. Most notable of these is the Forge World Imperial Knight Lancer. Now it has already been rumored that Forge World will be making their own variants of the Imperial Knight and those rumors have been confirmed to day.

We have a few pics of the new kit courtesy of some live tweeters.

The Lancer appears to be more lightly armored than the Paladin or the Errant. It is also significanly taller, standing at roughly the same height as the Eldar Wraithknight. It legs are narrower and longer which hints that this version may be faster moving. The Shield and the lance weapons look great, they really look like the retro-tech we have seen in Forge Worlds Horus Heresy range. It will be interesting to see what rules this guys have.

In addition to the Knights we also have a shot of a Krios variant, the venetator

Image sources: Poxy Proxy Predator +  (Twitter) doot & Nathan Freddie Long

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