Hi guys, I want to take a few minutes here to introduce a few of our new writers.

Firstly, we have Jagged Red Lines - a special agent of secret origin and also Madrilous has joined the fray bringing with him a wealth of blogging and video editing experience. Less recently Geochimp added his exceptional painting talent whilst last but most definitely not least Elliot came on board too.

I think it's fair to say we have a  large group of writers now from multiple disciplines that gives us excellent coverage on most areas of the hobby. That isn't to say we feel complete though, we're always looking for fresh writers so if you're interested in joining us please have a read through this old post and get in touch right away!


So you're a regular blogger/article writer or maybe you just post amazing comments on forums or Facebook groups? Well... 
Why not get paid to write about your beloved hobby?
Talk Wargaming is seeking fresh, enthusiastic and knowledgeable talent to send in articles and write for us. This here is your chance to earn cash,  gain exposure, beef up your forces and add to your resume cover letter. 

      "My name is John Smith,  I'm a post graduate biologist specialising in molecular genetics.  In my spare time I enjoy badminton,  oil painting, expressive dance oh and I herald the Ruinous Powers of Chaos, I preach my battle strategies to the likewise depraved and collectively we crush our foes,  leaving their lifeless bloody husks to rot in our wake"
If you're interested and feel you have something to offer, email your name, a description of your skills,  past experiences, and any topics you'd like to write about to

Alternatively you can contact us via the contact form at the bottom left of every page.

If you already have an article written be it a tactica, modeling guide or even an old fashion opinion piece (read: rant) please send it over to the address above along with your PayPal address, providing it's original, hasn't been posted elsewhere on the internet and we like it we'll publish it to our blog and send you $5 immediately. (I know it isn't a massive amount but it'll soon add up and is comparable to some niches I've written in)

Note: We cannot offer payment for non-professional fan fiction.  
If we choose not to publish we'll let you know.  Don't worry though, we're not in the business of publishing work we're not entitled to. 

How cool is this?  Write about the game you love and earn hard cash to spend on the game you love...  
Any other blogs in our niche paying you at the moment? 
So get in touch right away - this is the first time any website in our hobby has offered payment to anyone and everyone that provides decent reading material.

The next time you feel like sharing an article/tutorial or big news scoop with your regular online hangout PLEASE reconsider.  After all, our regular writers will be able to add a whole new army to their collection very quickly with this new development in the online wargames blogging world!

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...