In the run up to the Forge World open day this weekend, the company has released previews for its upcoming books. The fun bit about this is that we get to see, from the contents page, unit entries for as yet unreleased, and unannounced kits.

Of particular interest is the contents page for the Legion Astartes Isstvan Campaign Legions book.

It contains specialist units for the twelve legions profiled so far in the series. Of particular interest are the new units for the four new legions, Raven Guard, Imperial Fists, Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors.

I’ll surmise them here:

Iron Warriors

Tyrant Siege Terminator Squad
Iron Havoc Support Squad
Erasmus Golg
Kyr Vhalen

Alpha Legion

Headhunter Kill Teams
Lernacan Terminator Squad
Armillus Dymat

Imperial Fists

Templar Brethren
Phalanx Warder Squad
Alexis Polux
Rogal Dorn

Raven Guard

Mor Deythan Strike Squad
Dark Fury Assault Squad
Raven Guard Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle
Strike Captain Alvarex Mauth
Moritat Prime Kaedes Nex
Corvus Corax

Of particular interest here is how Rogal Dorn and Sigismund are in the third Isstvan book despite not being at the dropsite massacre in the fluff.

Similarly, Iron Warriors fans will be disappointed at the Iron Circle (robot bodyguards for Perturabo) being left out of the third book, despite being rumoured to be there from a seminar at Games Day last year.

I think Black Templar fans however will be happy at Forge World goodies that they can use in regular 40k as counts-as crusader squads. Similarly, if you’re taking an Emperor’s Champion, why not use the model for Sigismund, the original Emperor’s Champion? How awesome is that?

There’s a list of new super heavies here, in the generic army list book, which could make an appearance over the next few months, including a Stormblade and a Falchion. I imagine we’ll see one or two of these previewed at the Open Day this weekend.

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