After the initial out-pour of hate towards the Taurox, it seems as though moods are beginning to change. A combination of better screenshots and some snippets of weapon options appear to have softened peoples perspective of them. I was one of these people but after seeing the rules from the upcoming White Dwarf I am now firmly in the Pro Taurox camp.

The Rules

So someone with an copy of White Dwarf Weekly 9 has kindly snapped some pictures of the Militarum Tempestus rules and uploaded them for all to see. Here they are:

The first thing you notice is that the Taurox is also available for the Imperial Guard forces whereas the Taurox Prime is reserved for the Scions. Now The standard Taurox isn't bad, its decent alternative to the Chimera, especially when there is a lotof difficult terrain on the board. The Taurox Prime however is not only BS4 but it also comes with a number of weapon options. This makes them an excellent mobile heavy weapon platform which can support the Scion squads in transports.

We also have the rules for the scions and the Militarum Tempestus command squad. It appears that the command squad is essentially a Sormtooper version of the Infantry platoon command squad, with the Tempestor Prime being a junior officer who can issue orders. We also get to see the weapon options available to the scions, the only notable addition here is the Hot Shot volley gun. A S4 AP3 Salvo2/4 weapon which will really be a headache for Space Marine players.

Hot On The Wire.

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