Its Monday again which means its time for Painting for Profit Part 2 and this week I will be looking at Presentation. In case you haven't yet seen Part 1 I have kindly added a link to it HERE. So at this point you have probably listed your first painted model on eBay and you have managed to sell it for a reasonable profit. Where do you go from here? Well the next step is to practice your high quality painting buy selling
even more on eBay.

However, before anyone would be willing to fork over their hard earned cash for you to paint their models they need to trust you. There is no better way to build this trust than by presenting yourself well. As you will be relying on eBay to get your work out there for the time being, lets start here.

An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words

Recently eBay changed their policy allowing you to list as many pictures of an item as you want for free. If you are not going to take advantage of this then you're a bigger fool than Peregrin Took.

If you take a look at my own listings you will see that I have made use of this to display the models from a decent number of angles. Now you can go too far here, so generally you will only need between 3-5 pictures of a single model and maybe 4-8 pictures if there is a unit.

However, quantity is not quality so before you start snapping away take a moment to read through the following tutorial over on Dakka Dakka. If your pictures are dark or out of focus your models will not sell as well. After all, who wants to buy something blind? Luckily my fiancee is a photographer so I have easy access to some decent kit, but you can still get some good quality pictures from a camera phone.

It Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

So now that your pictures are covered its time to look at the text. The first thing your potential customers will see is the title, it needs to contain all the relevant information yet be easy to read at the same time. Titles such as Warhammer 40k Space Marine Dreadnought - Painted + Based are clear and to the point. Whereas Warhammer40k SM Dread Paint+Base UltraMarines L@@K will put a lot of people off before they even see your listing.

Next up we have the description, as before ensure that you provide as much information about the item as possible. Describing the paint scheme and any little details is also useful here. Listing the weapon options or if there are any champions, musicicans e.t.c is also good practice. Try to ensure that your formatting is appealing. Having one line of information at the default size font just looks like you don't care, but having too many loud colors or overly large text can be equally damaging.

Finally, whatever you do, do NOT describe your work as PRO or WELL PAINTED. There was a time when 'pro painted' meant exactly that but now its used by anybody trying to sell miniatures, regardless of their painting ability. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't mention that your model is well painted in the description (not the title), but be subtle about it. Nobody likes a show off, especially when its unfounded.

Other Tips

When selling on eBay always send via recorded delivery. This not only reassures the customer that they will receive the item in good time and condition but it also protects you. Quite often someone has claimed to have not received an item, only to change their mind when I showed them the proof of delivery.

List 10 day auctions on Thursday evenings between 18:00 and 21:00 or 7 day auctions at the same time on Sundays. Sunday evenings are by far the best time for your listing to end as most people are at home. Ending your listings mid week or at 3am will reduce the number of potential bidders in the last few minutes.

Make sure your packaging is more than adequate. Go overboard with packing peanuts and bubble wrap, daub Fragile all over everything and make sure you use a box not a padded envelope. Skimping on these will mean that the model you spent hours on will probably arrive in pieces, only to be returned for a refund.

Leave your buyers feedback, always respond quickly to their questions and dispatch in good time. Having a decent feedback score won't automatically get you hundreds of bids but it definitely helps.

Shameless Plug Time! If you would like an example of how I present my own work on eBay then you can find two of my recent listings Here and Here.

Next Time on Painting For Profit

So hopefully you have a better understanding of how to sell your painted miniatures on eBay. It is a good way to reach a lot of people easily, unfortunately you will be sacrificing a portion of your profits to eBay for the privilege. In Part 3 I will be looking at starting to build the foundations of commission painting through social media and blogs.

Do you have any experiences in painting for profit? Share them in the comments section and let us know what you think of the series so far.

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