Ladies, gentlemen, gelatinous life forms of all ages, welcome to another installment of This Week on Kickstarter!

We've got another great selection for you this week. From brutal medieval football, to aliens, we've got it all. So let's get started!

Orc Raid Miniature

First up we have the Orc Raid Miniature project by Fire and Ice Miniatures. This campaign is raising funds to create a line of 75mm miniatures, a scale we don't see all too often, so it's nice to see it get some love. 

The renders of the "miniature" are looking fantastic and packed with detail. I particularly like the bull-like beast the orc is riding and the two Dwarves. 

If you're not after something quite so large, there is an option for a single 75mm orc on foot who looks just as lovely: 

While it's not something most of us could game with, it would make a fantastic display piece!

Arcadia Quest

Next up we have Cool Mini or Not's latest kickstarter offering, Arcadia Quest

This chibi dungeon crawling adventure has already nearly name $200k and unlocked plenty of stretch goals. 

The miniatures themselves look like a nice quality and come pre-assembled, meaning you can open the box and get straight to gaming. 

If this style appeals to you, then Arcadia Quest is a game you won't want to miss!


Next up we have another hobby support project; Stencils by Wargames Bakery

This project is for a range of flexible stencils to help you paint your symbols on vehicles and infantry with more ease. 

There are plenty of styles to choose from and they are ideal for warhammer 40,000 or fantasy! 

Alien Shocktroopers

Last up for this week we have the Alien Shocktrooper Squad by Pierre-Francois Jacquet. 

This campaign is raising funds to produce a range of characterful alien models that would fit right at home in your sci fi RPG games or in mixed factions; such as the rebs in deadzone. 

They look great and each comes with different head options and separate arms, legs and weapons offering some scope for serious customization.

That's all for another week folks. Be sure to let us know what you think of these projects in the comments below, and if you know of, or run any campaigns that we should cover then get in touch; either through the contact form at the bottom of the page or via twitter at @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper.

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