Ladies, gentlemen, aliens and monsters; welcome to the latest edition of This Week on Kickstarter, where we bring you the latest and greatest of tabletop crowd funding  projects. Let's dive straight in!

First up, we have the Shark Day by Wonderlands Project. This campaign is looking for funds to produce a 75mm miniature based on the Maxim Verehin's concept art. 

The campaign only has 3 days remaining, and still needs to raise roughly 1,500 Euros, so get over there and pledge! 

The detail on this guy is looking fantastic and I love his teeth and the details in his pants. 

Continuing into that lands of both Indiegogo and larger scale, we have the 54mm Vampire Queen by Michael Kontraros Collectibles

This dark temptress would be perfect for display or to practice your skills on something a little larger than 30mm. 

I love the look of bored disdain on her face, as though she is half listening to the pleas of someone begging for their life. 

Next up we have the Mini Box: The Simple Solution to storage from Robert Mims. 

Storage and transportation is often overlooked when planning and army. Which is, of course, understandable when we are pre-occupied with building and painting amazing miniatures, writing lists and playing games. Often, one of the main reasons storage is put on the back burner for so long is price, storing your models can be expensive. Well, the Mini Box looks to solve that problem. For a mere $35 you can pick up a box that will hold 160 infantry models. This is ideal for people who don't want to spend too much of their model budget on a box to put them in! 

To round out today's issue, we have Drake II: Horizons by Action Games Miniautres. This campaign is funding several factions for the new wargame, including some very nice looking dragons.

The campaign has already bust through the $50,000CAD goal and is chasing more goals each day. And with 22 days left to go, it's sure to be a big one! 

That's all from me for another week folks. Let us know your thoughts on these latest crowdfunding offerings in the comments blow. And as always, if you know of/run a crowd funding campaign you'd like to see featured here you can get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or on twitter via @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper.

Happy Wargaming! 

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