Welcome once again travelers to the intergalactic tourist information of This Week On Kickstarter, a guide on where to take your tabletop crowd funding vacation this week. Giant robots, hover cats and a good hard bit of wood. . . . all in store this week.

First up we have Pulp City. This weird super hero game is a fan favorite among skirmish players and the kickstarter was highly anticipated. 

They campaign has already reaced over $57,000 and unlocked a whole host of stretch goals, including hovercats, which are as awesome as they sound. 

The campaign is going from strength to strength and looks set to end big, so get involved now to take advantage of all the juicy stretch goals they're sure to unlock. 

Next we have the Salamander Mech from Chris Gotcher.

These 15mm scale beauties look amazing, and standing at around 12cm tall, I can see them being used in Tau and Imperial guard (and orks etc etc etc) fairly soon. 

I love the design and would happily field 2 or 3 in an army of my own (I'm considering picking one up for painting anyway.)

The initial goal was a very modest $1,150 they are chasing down stretch goals to add varient heads, weapons and other components. 

Now, if you've filled your hobby space with super heroes and giant mechs, you're going to need somewhere for them to fight right?

Well, FireBucket Games have just the thing for you, their T5 campaign is looking to make a range of laser cut, wooden table boards and terrain for you to fight over. 

All the terrain they've shown so far looks great and looks to be easily to store too, which is a bonus. It's great to see all the different laser cut choices available for us these days! 

And if the worlds of the far future don't appeal, Thundercock (not a typo) are running a campaign to release a set of dungeon tiles that they advertise as definitely "NOT HIRST ARTS". 

They seem nice enough, but to my mind, if you were going through all the trouble of making an entire 3d dungeon. Just buy the hirst arts molds and you'll have a lot more variety. 

There you have it folks, another week on kickstarter, another 4 projects to throw money at.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and as always, if you know of/run a crowd funding campaign you'd like to see featured here you can get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or on twitter via @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper.

Happy Wargaming

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