Some of you may remember way back in December when I offered to help fellow Google Bloggers out with some site upgrades and improvements.  Well, since then a solitary blogger came forward and asked for a hand.

Courtney, long time blogger and owner of Cadian 127th Regiment asked for some help revamping his site with a more modern look. Before we proceed with the rest of the post though let me drop his Facebook likey thing in here. You know the DRILL!

So Courtney and I had a little chat about the variables, his wishes and general layout type stuff, soon after we settled on his site being based on WarmMag from Themeforest.

I'd previously considered this one for Talk Wargaming so when Courtney suggested it I was overchufffed to help get it installed. (you can see a live preview of it here). It's a fantastic theme with plenty of bells and whistles that give bloggers all the tools they need to achieve their aims.

We decided to go with a fixed background image and switched the entire theme from Orange to Green. I'm sure everyone will agree it looks modern and is far easier on the eye. I also worked Courtney's Cadian 127th Logo into the sites favicon file - a nice touch.

Here I've placed a screen grab of the original site for comparison purposes.

Head over to Cadian 127th to see the new look site! 

I'm also going to extend the offer for the rest of the year so here's a quick recap.

Offer Extension

Many of the readers here are familiar with Faiet 212 and it's recent overhaul. Well, I worked with Gary on his site and actioned as many of his requests as possible - together with his feedback I reskinned Faiet 212 and can state that (based on early reports) he's enjoying a 30-40% increase in the number of pages people are viewing.

So in conclusion - it seems I have a knack for this - and as a generous sharing lovable kind of guy I want to put my services out there and offer to help rebuild your blog - to your specifications  - for free. I didn't request payment for work on Faiet212 and I most certainly wouldn't want it from anyone else. I've been in this Niche for many years now, worked tirelessly on Heresy-Online to make it the thriving community it is today and feel my observations and experiences in the forum world and now blogging are worth sharing.

Let me know if you'd like some help via Email - or send me a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page. We'll have a little chat about what you desire from Blogging - what kind of style you're looking for and I'll even give some tips on improving your reach and give my honest and frank opinions on any areas I feel you're failing short (if any).

Why? I enjoy it, I love improving things and most of all I love helping. When Tau Online went down the toilet I was keen to help out. There's something in me that needs to assist and I genuinely headdesk when I see amateur looking blogs with out of this world content - you guys deserve a solid platform to share your amazing work.

There is however one minor requisite that comes with the professional looking uber site I'll give you (excuse my narcissism - it's purely compensatory) - I need you to join the TWG team (I'll give you more info when we speak further)

Hot On The Wire.

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