Good afternoon wargamers, imm0rtal reaper here with another product review for you to sink your teeth into. This time, the folks at Systema Gaming have been kind enough to send us one of their new laser cut MDF Heilport Bundles to take a look at.

The heliport includes 2 helipads, a control tower, a radar antenna and the helipad access ramps.

Just like previous offerings from Systema, these kits are nice and solid. I feel completely confident that they can take the rigors of regular gaming.

Radar Antenna 

We'll start with the smallest part first, the radar antenna.


If you've seen one radar antenna, then you've probably seen them all. That's not to say this kit has no character, not at all. Rather, this kit is the iconic image of a radar antenna. There isn't much room for anything too out of the ordinary in design on a kit like this, except for on the base. However, when you're working with laser cut wood, it is difficult to make anything small and complex without the assembly becoming a nightmare. 

Character gets a 6/10


For a lot of the same reasons as why the radar antenna doesn't have a lot of its own character, it also doesn't have a lot of outstanding detail. But once again, this isn't something that would really benefit from a lot of extra detail. It's something which complements the rest of the terrain around it, rather than being a focus point, so it doesn't need lavish detail.

The details that are present are great though, the dish itself is immediately recognizable as a radar and the base plate has some engraving to keep it from being plain. 

Detail gets a 6/10


This kit, like all the Systema kits I've seen, is top quality! Everything is precisely cut and fits together perfectly. Although I've glued my pieces for extra stability, you could just dry fit them together and they would hold just fine.

Quality gets a 10/10 

Value and Service 

At €6, the radar antenna is an inexpensive piece of scenery that can add a lot to your table. Adding it to a building could change that building to a command center, perfect for the center of an objective game. 

The service was, as usual, fantastic. The Systema guys are a pleasure to deal with. The kit was shipped quickly and arrived well packaged and undamaged. 

Value and service gets a 10/10 

Overall, the Radar Antenna gets an 8/10

Control Tower

Next we'll take a look at the control tower: 


This piece has a lot more character than the radar, but that is due to the fact that this is a much more interactive piece of scenery. The upper room has the same high Si-Fi look that the other buildings in the range has, with the slatted windows and line details on the ledges. I also like that the hand rail on the middle ledge has visual ties to the railings from the Base O buildings. Little details like that help to tie a range together and ground them in the same universe. 

Character gets a 10/10


Though this is a smaller kit, it is still full of nice little details. i love the asymmetry between the support structure of lower portion of the tower and the upper section. I like that it is clear how a model would climb into the tower room through the hatches. I like scenery that has taken actual functionality into account, and this kit has that. 

You can leave the windows closed or open. Choosing to open them immediately turns this piece of scenery into an ideal location to place a sniper.

The only thing I would have liked to see is the space to fit actual control instruments in the room. You may be able to fir a console and a chair in front of each of the windows, but I would like to have seen space for more. Of course, that would have increased the number of components in the kit and likely increased the price, so it is a minor point. 

Detail gets a 9/10


Once again, the quality of the kit is top notch. Everything went together great; though you will need glue for this kit otherwise the support will fall apart (and be sure to attach the ladders before you glue. I forgot about them and had to prize the kit apart to get them in again.)

Quality gets a 10/10

Value and Service 

The service was, of course, the same high standard. At €16 this kit is still pretty cheap and helps add some verticality to your games. It also makes a great guard tower, so several of them would work great in a military complex or prison. 

Value and service gets a 10/10

So overall, the control tower gets a total score of 9.75/10

Helipad and Access Ramps

I'm going to look at the last two kits together because I don't think the access ramps could really be used on their own. 


Of all the heliport bundle, these kits have the most character. They are each full of details such as access doors, landing markings and other little pieces. I particularly like that the doors on the side of the helipad are numbered, giving you the sense that something actually resides within and it's not just a solid piece of terrain. 

Character gets a 10/10


The detail on these kits is fantastic, flat surfaces such as the walls of the ramps and top of the helipad have engraved details which keep them looking interesting. The railings on the access ramps match the ledges of the control tower, which, once again. helps reinforce the cohesion of the pieces. Systema have clearly taken care to ensure that all of their kits share certain aspects to bind them together. 

Detail gets a 10/10


Again, top notch quality on these kits. Because they are so new, there are no instructions on the website yet, and you don't get any in the kit itself. However, I was still able to assemble the kits quickly and easily becuase they are designed in such an intuitive way. That was the same for all the kits, none included instructions, which would normally be a negative, but they are so well designed you don't need them to get them together easily. 

Quality gets a 10/10

Value and service

At €16 again, a single helipad is great value. It's a nice and large footprint piece of terrain that blocks line of sight, adds a little verticality to the board and gives a great narrative focal point for your games. The access ramps are At €12 which is cheap enough, but as I mentioned before, they are only useful with the helipad for the most part. You could maybe use them as a walkway, but you don't really get enough pieces to make it viable. 

The service was of course the same as the rest of the pieces; excellent. 

So overall, Value and Service gets a 9/10.

Meaning the helipad and access ramps get an overall score of 9.75/10

So the overall score for the Heliport Bundle is 9/10 

You can get the bundle for sixty Euros, which I think is a great price for the amount of terrain you get. With the two helipads, ramps and tower, you can practically fill a 2x2 board. 

Add in a few pieces of scatter terrain and you've got a section of your board finished. Or you could spread them out and turn it into a part of a larger airfield. Perhaps adding the Base O Communication Unit as the control tower and using the one from this set as a guard tower. 
So there you have it folks. Let us know what you think of this set in the comments below. 

Also, be sure to head over to the Systema Gaming Facebook page and give them a like!

And until next time,

Happy Wargaming.

Systema Gaming Heliport
9 / 10

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