The latest Forge World newsletter is out and there are some tasty new releases for you heresy players out there!

First up we have the Iron Hands Torso set containing 5 new torso designs. 

Next we have the Iron Hands Legion head set, containing 10 helmet upgrades. 

Also released this month, the Graviton Gun set

The Death Guard are getting some love this month too, with their own upgrade torso set. This set also contains 5 torsos. 

The denizens of Nurgle are also getting a new set of 10 heads this month too, with the Death Guard Legion Head Upgrade set. 

And lastly, the Iron Warriors are receiving a shoulder pad set this month. 

All of these items are available to pre-order and will ship as of the 28th of February.

What do you think of the latest offerings from Forgeworld? Are you working on a heresy force? Let us know below!

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