Mantic have just passed along information reference the release of their upcoming Dreadball Xtreme game Beta Rules.

If you want to snag a copy and check them out you'll need to head on over to Mantic Digital right away.

Mantic said:-

Presented in the Mantic Digital format, the digital rules contain all you need to know to play DreadBall Xtreme, including traps, pitch layouts, sponsor actions as well as stats for Convicts and Asterians!

Download your free Beta Rules
, find out what all the fuss is about, and help Mantic playtest the game!

Once you’ve played a few games and decided it’s for you (and lets face it, if you’ve played DreadBall, you’ll know how easy it is to grasp!), we recommend a pledge of Rampage – which includes everything you need to play plus a great selection of stretch goals, bonus extras and goodies!

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