Happy New Year wargamers! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted! And if he didn't, well maybe you'll find what you're after in this weeks installment.

We're kicking off this week with a quick check back on the Mega Man board game.

The game had already funded when we took a look at it before Christmas and is currently sitting on over $270,000. 

The campaign has already unlocked a ton of extras including new sculpts, addition models and alternatve mega man miniatures. 

As a special Christmas treat, Jasco Games will be throwing in a Dr. Light mini with certain pledge levels! 

Zombies! Some people might say that the market has been flooded with zombies in the last few years and they are tired of seeing them. But for anyone who is a fan of zombies miniatures, you can never have enough. 

3DForge Miniatures have launched a campaign to produce a range of zombie and survivor miniatures. They aren't releasing a game, at least not yet anyway, instead focusing on undead to add to your existing hordes, or start a new one. 

While there are some genre staples in there, such as fatties and the cast of walking dead, there are also some more unique pieces such as sushi chefs and nuns which will add some much needed variety to a zombie horde (as anyone who has a horde knows, it's difficult to get a lot of unique sculpts in there!)

In addition to shambling servants of the undead and stoic survivors, this campaign is also offering battlefield accessories which will not only help fill out your zombie tables, but also work fantastically for other games that need a lot of terrain! 

Perhaps most exciting is the vehicle pack, which includes a selection of ruined cars. At £7 a vehicle, with free postage, this is worthwhile getting just on its own to bulk your battlefield with ruined vehicles. 

 Next up we have the Metal Beard Dwarf Army from Titan forge. These steampunk style dwarves should appeal to any longbeard fan.

The renders are looking fantastic and based on titan forge's previous offerings, the miniatures themselves should be just as beautiful! 

So that's all for this week folks. 

As always, if you know of/run a crowd funding campaign you'd like to see featured here you can get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or on twitter via @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper.

Happy Wargaming!

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