I`d like t' introduce sea dogs an' land lubbers t' a wee project I`ve been plannin' fer th' past wee tides.... An advancement gentleman o' fortune skirmish game set in th' Warhammer World.

`Tis nay secret that I be a massive Sea dog geek, advocate o' wee skirmish games such as Necromunda, Mordheim an' Gorkamorka plus I be fond o' writin' me own rules sets an' sharin' them wi' ye guys - remember Bitz Battle. So why nay turn them passions into somethin' worthwhile an' fun?

This time around I be takin' Warhammer t' th' High Seas, I be goin' t' build multiple gentleman o' fortune ships from th' notable races in th' Warhammer World, a Sea themed Battle Board an' also get stuck into a campaign advancement ruleset that utilizes ships. I`ll share ever' step o' th' way an' let ye guys know precisely how I go about buildin' an' sourcin' th' ships, models an' anythin' I use t' set up me table.

May I also add that I be nay goin' t' be bogged down wi' tryin' t' fit these rules into existin' Warhammer Lore. I be fully aware o' Sartosa an' plan t' set 't around them parts but I`ll add me own fluff t' th' pre-existin' stuff an' might bend 't a bit here an' thar t' suit me purposes an' improve th' flow o' th' game.

Thar`s also this fantastic fan army book by Mathias Eliasson an' Stefan Wolf which ortin' ta help immensely.

Th' Races

Obviously each game needs factions - so these be th' races I plan t' include.
  • Undead
  • Elf
  • Orc
  • Dwarf
  • Goblin
  • Human
  • Ladies
Some o' them be pretty straight fore, others, such as th' Orcs an' Dwarfs will need custom built themed Vessels - this be fun.

Th' Human Ship 

I be havin' th' crewmaties sorted ou' already actually wi' this here gentleman o' fortune ship from Argos.

Here I`ve placed a wee Delaque models on an' tookst some closeups t' show ye jus' how detailed this enormous ship be. `Tis an absolute give away at only £20 an' aside from th' slightly high sides (th' rails along th' hull be higher than th' models) 'tis perfect.

Ye can be seein' how high th' sides be in relation t' th' ganger in th' aftground.

Notice th' detail along th' hull. This ortin' ta pick ou' perfectly when drybrushin'.

Th' wheel an' stand behind this Juve needs t' go.

I tookst a look around an' found th' followin' locations fer crewmate gentleman o' fortunes so I`ll be havin' a mix up between them that scale up wi' GW models an' build a 20 man crew t' accompany this vessel.


Games Workshops Empire Free Company will come in handy as well.

If ye be havin' any other ideas fer models that could convert well into a gentleman o' fortune rabble please let me know in th' comments.

Th' Plan 

Me plan movin' fore now be t' get this ship undercoated an' painted (I`ll photograph each step o' th' process an' blog about 't later). I be also goin' t' order me 20 crewmate crew members in th' next wee days.

Hot On The Wire.

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