It's time for another rumor roundup chalk full of interesting stuff. This time we have the contents of the Warhammer Fantasy 9th edition starter set, which aligns with a few rumors given in the past. We also have a ton of info on the Dwarves which are allegedly coming next month, and finally a description and pricing on the new White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer visions, which all things considered aren't too unreasonable. 
£2.50 per week comes out to £10.00 a month, which is comparable to other magazines, and £7.50 for a 252-page hobby book sounds like a deal(depending on the content).

Warhammer Fantasy Rumors

9th Edition Rumors

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The new starter set for warhammer fantasy 9th edition set to be released this summer will contain orcs and goblins and empire. The set will contain mounted riders for empire and gunners. Night goblins and orcs with a river troll for O & G. There is set to be around 50 models in this set with more than said here.

Note this is from a good source though the models content is not tor definite.

15 goblins, 10 orcs, orc captain, goblin shaman, 3 trolls, 5 empire cavalry, 10 gunners and 10 swords men, empire captain on horse and war priest what the source said is rumored but again rumoured.

Dwarves Rumors

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Have no fear, the stunties are on the march - headed your way in February.  Here is the rundown of new kits coming down the mountain.

Latest word speaks of:

Dwarfs - February (I'd bet on February 8th)

The Kits:

Plastic Tunneling Vehicle
Plastic infantry heavy armor unit kit (dual-build)
Plastic infantry light armor unit kit (dual-build)

Plastic War Altar
Plastic New VERY large gun/cannon
Plastic Beefier Gyrocopter

Clampack Lord

No finecast was mentioned at all.  If you look at what needs plastic kits in the existing Dwarf range, and look to the old-unit/new unit splits in the Dark Elves release for inspiration, it's not too hard to figure out what's coming.

These latest set descriptions dovetail almost exactly with Spanish rumors from early November.
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I can confirm that Dwarves are indeed due within the next few weeks. 
Models Rumours:
Core Troopers won't get a new box.

Light Armor Infantry Box is Slayers and a second build I couldn'trecognize. They look indeed weird, however the Slayers are more dynamicthan I'd expected them to be.

Heavy Armor Infantry Box is Hammerers/Ironbreakers dual build. They lookjust so much better than their older versions, quite some variationconsidering their former lack of such.

The "War Altar" is a dual build of Throne and Anvil I believe. It wasn'tquite clear, but it seems to be possible to give a "regular" Dwarf King atoned done version of the Throne.

The plastic clampack character looks amazing. Simply. Amazing.

The Gyrocopter is quite a lot better than the previous one, but not quiteas good as it could have been. But it is a lot bigger, the dwarf isn'treally that much sticking out It blends in nicely with the rest of the army.

The Tunneling Vehicle looks pretty awkward considering the awesomeness ofthe rest of this release. I think the rumoured "big cannon" could be a dualbuild with this one, it looks pretty much twice as good as the TunnelingMachine, especially considering how much potential there was.

Rules Rumours:
Pretty few that I know about, but here it is:
Playing Style: The playing style will be quite similar to the previous one,but with a wider variation of possibilities. Ironbreakers will be evenharder to crack open while Hammerers are No-brainers (Dwarves are slow,but those can hit like a meteorite if they get you!).
Cannons are a bit toned down but are still as accurate as always. I thinkthere's a decent chance of not having a single misfired shot withinmultiple games.

Games Workshop Rumors

White Dwarf Rumors

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White Dwarf as we know it today is no more

Jan 2014 (Tyranids) was the last edition. 2 New publications are to replace the mag, as follows:

White Dwarf Weekly:

Priced at £2.50 (or £2.75?), this will be a weekly publication which will contain new release info and pictures, battle reports, gaming articles and Jervis (& possibly Vetock). A small volume (~1/3 the size of current WD) intended more for the 'gaming' crowd.

Warhammer: Visions

The new monthly mag now priced at £7.50 and for your extra £2 gets a ~100 page bump to 252 pages. Current WD subscribers will get mail containing info on their subscription and how it will be affected (a legal requirement for those paying by DD in the UK). Visions caters for the 'hobby' crowd, and will focus on collecting, painting (paint splatter) and conversions (kit bash), and will include Blanchitsu, Armies on Parade/Golden Daemon (Parade Ground) & Design Studio (This month in x) updates.

Hot On The Wire.

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