Painting Dark Elves

Standard: Tabletop

Difficulty: Beginner

Colours Required:

Naggaroth Night
Genestealer Purple
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Nuln Oil
Agrax Earthshade
Reikland Fleshshade
Rakarth Flesh
Baneblade Brown
Runefang Steel
Seraphim Sepia

Estimated Time: 30 - 40 Minutes

Bayonet here and I've got another How to Paint guide for you, this time with a Fantasy theme as I go through the step by step painting of our raping and torturing friends: The Dark Elves, specifically a Darkshard which should feature in any Dark Elves army.

Painting Dark Elves - Step 1

Basecoat Black! - That was easy.

Painting Dark Elves - Step 2

Using Leadbelcher, paint all of your metalic areas, so armor plating, helmet, chain mail, blades, bolts etc.

Painting Dark Elves - Step 3

Although it's hard to tell, here I've painted all of the robes Naggaroth Night which drys very dark but is a great shade to work up from. Then I've painted any exposed flesh with Rakarth Flesh.

Painting Dark Elves - Step 4

Here I've painted the Darkshards crossbow Baneblade Brown and put a wash of Seraphim Sepia into the recesses on the side before finishing by painting the detailing near the stock of the crossbow with Leadbelcher.

Painting Dark Elves - Step 5

Next is all about making these robes 'pop'. Using Genestealer Purple simply Drybrush onto the raised areas of the robes following the lines of the folds on the model until you're happy. Then we wash the chain mail and the recesses of the armour with Nuln Oil.

Painting Dark Elves - Final Step

 Now we bring it all together
  • Wash any exposed flesh with a 50/50 mix of water and Reikland Fleshshade 
  • Once that's dry use Aggrax Earthshade to darken the eye sockets and the mouth
  • Highlight the boots and the black hair using Mechanicus Standard Grey 
  • Highlight the crossbow with Rakarth Flesh
  • Highlight the very edges of the armour with Runefang Steel
  • Wash anything you want to have a bronzed effect with Seraphim Sepia (you can keep adding the wash to darken the tone of the bronze if you wish - I've just gone for a light bronze on the helmet decal).
And then we're done! This guy is now ready burn and pillage with the rest of your Army.

Hot On The Wire.

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