I've had two weeks away from work and study over the Christmas period, what a wonderful time to sit down and crack on with those projects that have been sitting on the shelf for far too long. But then those annoying 'real life' things go and get in the way of some good old fashioned hobby time, you know the ones I'm talking about, here's what messed up my hobby time...

People messing up my 'Zone'

Yes, the bastards. Your quiet little piece of heaven, a carefully organised space where you can sit down and pick up where you last left off your current piece of work - but oh no, now your feng shui has gone well and truly down the shitter as people casually leave their crap all over your space. We had my mother-in-law over for a few days over Christmas, I came down boxing day and she'd left all her crap all over my beloved work in progress drop pod.

Who turned out the lights?!

I paid silly money to have 3 very fancy bulbs in my hobby space to ensure maximum lighting no matter what the time of day it is, one evening I sit down to hobby and two of the bulbs blew at once leaving me with one questionably functioning bulb making me paint like a blind paraplegic (that's my excuse for shite painting). Luckily I managed to get the finishing touches on this Imperial Fist despite the distraction of poor lighting.

Did I mention Drop Pods?


I fucking hate thee oh deliverer of Space Marines through the atmosphere. Alone these things are pretty mind numbingly boring to build, however I had 3 of them to complete over the festive period - this left me with one thought, prisoners should be forced to build them over and over again until they serve their sentence, this alone would cut re-offending by 90% I'm sure.

 Missing on the Big Day!!

So I managed to squeeze a game in with some of my gaming buddies amongst all of the Christmas madness, only when I go to the shelf where my Space Wolves are lovingly displayed, the big chief himself is missing in action - the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and his Wolf Guard! I hunt high and low only to find out my daughters invited them around for a tea/swingers party with Barbie, Ken and some blue Pony. Of course I showed her the error of her ways when I demonstrated what a Fenrisian Astartes could do with enough Bolt Ammunition and Fenrisian Ale, she's still picking up the pieces from that day... They say Barbie will never walk again.

So how did you get on over the Xmas period? Manage to get much hobbying done or did the festive period and family get in the way of your progress?

Let me know!

~ Bayonet

Hot On The Wire.

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