So it's a new year, and I think that warrants some new Dark Mechanicus Homebrew action.

Image by David Sondered for Fantasy Flight Games

Don't worry, I hadn't forgotten about this little project of mine, I've just been kicking myself a lot working out what I was doing with each thing up to this point. I've worked out a rough draft of the Army Special Rules, Warlord Traits and the first of a couple Troops options so let's take a look shall we?

Dark Mechanicus Army Special Rules:
Cold Logic: "The feelings and emotions of the Dark Mechanicus have been removed or repressed long ago. Because of this they operate under a cold, mechanical logic where the ends justify the means in all things." When taking leadership tests roll an additional die and discard the highest die, or if two dice are tied for the highest either one of your choosing. This does not apply to any the use of any psychic powers.

Dark Science: "It is not uncommon for members of the Dark Mechanicus to experiment on themselves, augmenting themselves with xenos genes, daemonic possession or replacing their bodies with mechanical shells." Models with this special rule gain one free upgrade from the Dark Alterations list. The model may not purchase a duplicate of this upgrade.
Cold Logic was a bit of a given as I wanted to do something that represented the altered way the Dark Mechanicus thinks when compared to those of more organic thinking tissues. Of course this carries over to even their version of the Skittari with hormone injections, neural implants and more. Players of Warhammer Fantasy Battle will recognize it as a redressed version of the Lizardmen's Cold Blooded rule, but I think it works here and is more interesting to see played than ATSKNF or just making the army Stubborn or Fearless.

Dark Science might be a bit weak I admit as all it does is add more modifiers to the models, but at the same time I felt it was fitting that the Dark Mechanicus would be so unhinged that members experimenting and altering themselves was fairly common.
Warlord Traits:
1 - Machine Mind: The Warlord is very adept with warping and twisting the machine spirits to his will. Once per turn instead of shooting the Warlord may target an enemy vehicle in line of sight that is within 18". It has the Gets Hot special rule until the Warlord's controlling player's next turn.
2 - Explorator: The Warlord is always searching for a long lost relic, a cache of xenotechnology or daemonic technology. The Warlord is Scoring.
3 - Daemonkind: The Warlord has bound a daemon to their body. The Warlord has the Daemon special rule.
4 - Machine over Flesh: The Warlord has replaced their organic form with that of one made of metal. The Warlord has the Feel no Pain special rule.
5 - Experimental Technology: The Warlord tests their creations in battle. All their shooting and melee attacks have their strength by 1 (to a maximum of 10) but on a roll of To-Hit of a 1 they suffer a wound that may be saved as normal.
6 - Malicious Artisan: The Warlord is a craftsman of the highest order. Choose one of the Warlord's weapons, it has the Master-crafted special rule in addition to any other rules it has.
I'll admit these are a bit rough and I'm open for suggestions on what to change or improve. I tried to get some rough ideas captured of different things common to the Dark Mechanicus but I'll admit it's very rough
Dark Skitarri
                    WS    BS    S    T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv
Dark Adept    3      3       3    3     1     3    1    7      5+
Servitor          3      3       3    3     1     3    1    5      5+
Heritek           3      3       3    3     1     3    2    8      5+
Unit Size: 4 Dark Adepts, 1 Heritek
Lasgun, Frag and Krak Grenades, Flak Armour (Dark Adept)
Laspistol, Close Combat Weapon, Frag and Krak Grenades, Flak Armour (Heritek)
Flak Armour (Servitor)

Special Rules
Cold Logic
Dark Science (Heritek)
Mind Lock (Servitor)

Unit Options
The unit may purchase up to 15 additional Dark Adepts.......................5 pts/each
All Dark Adepts may exchange their Lasguns for Laspistol and Close-Combat
At 5 and 15 models in the unit 1 Dark Adept may exchange their Lasgun for:

At 10 and 20 models in the unit one Dark Adept may be upgraded to a Servitor with:
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Flamer
Plasma Cannon

The unit may purchase a dedicated transport
 The first thing you're likely to notice here is that I haven't included many points costs as of yet. Honestly this is a bit intentional as I haven't worked out the points costs for everything as of yet. Though some of the classics will retain their points costs from others book.s

I'm still playing around with the Xenos tech options and how they'll fit into the army so for now they're not included at this stage. I'm considering only making them accessable to the Heriteks but I'm open to suggestions too.

Now the choice of a Servitor to mount the heavy weapon on was rather intentional as I wanted to give the unit options for heavier weapons, but didn't want to just crib the Imperial Guard by using Heavy Weapon teams. Because of that I went with our lobotomized friend. Still plenty of options to play with for altering how they look or what you've made them from, and I feel it does a nice job of keeping the flavor while not getting out of hand.

The Heritek is of course, in essence, the unit leader and will have a wargear list all his own to pick and choose from. The close combat weapon and pistol combination was to make it easier to convert these guys from models like the Techpriest Engineseer model if you so wish, but the wargear options will cover a wider range of things for those who like their forces of Chaos to be armed to the teeth.

So naturally I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions and generally what you think should be changed, tweaked, altered, or shoved out an airlock into the Warp. I do read the comments and all suggestions I do use will get an author credit for the submitter regardless how big or small the contribution is.

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