Hello all, Geochimp here. Today I'd like to talk to you about how to go about finding a new gaming club, either because you've relocated to a different area (like me!), or because your regular group is getting a bit staid and you're after some fresh opponents.

So here we go:
  1. Research your local area

    In this day and age, everyone's Google-fu is advanced enough to ferret out some basic info about the gaming scene in your area, either by trawling through search engine results or joining a wargaming forum and asking around.
  2. Get to know your local GW/FLGS

     Believe it or not, your local GW or indy retailer are probably the best place you can go to for finding out about local gaming clubs and events. If you're lucky, the store themselves may have a gaming space you can use/club night that you can attend. If not, use it as a hub to meet other local gamers and find out where and when they play.
  3. Hit the library

    Many public libraries have notice boards advertising clubs and societies nights within the local area which can be a mine of information, so it's always worth a look. If you strike out then you can always grab a good book while you're there!
  4. White Dwarf & games-workshop.com

    For those willing to look, GW actually provide gamers with help in finding opponents through the store listings and the GCN members listed in White Dwarf and on their website. Don't forget, the stores and clubs are listed regionally so even if there's nothing going on in your home town, chances are there'll be something going on in a town nearby.
  5. Get socially networked!

    If you're not already signed up, get yourself connected to Twitter. By using the #warmongers hash-tag you can put a shout out for local events going on and hook up with like-minded gamers in your area.

So there we go, 5 tips for helping you to find a new club. If you do manage to find a new club, and hopefully you will, my best advice would be to join their Facebook group/club forum, introduce yourself and arrange a game.

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