First of all, Merry Christmas to our TWG readers and your families.

A few of us here at TWG thought it'd be a good idea to show readers the armies that we play for our respective Games. For me I'm a Warhammer 40k player and an avid collector of Space Wolves (I wish I had the time to try out other game systems - maybe you can recommend some to me?).
An Audacious flanking manouvre see's the Wolves under fire

Task force Kraken fully assembled

Now they aren't the greatest looking Space Wolves you'll see, but for me they're painted consistently and that makes them look good for the Table Top. All in it's taken me around 2 and a half years to get to this point in my Collection.

Task Force Kraken assaults!
Fluff-wise this is "Task Force Kraken", a temporary strike force drawn mostly from Ragnar Blackmanes Great Company with some supporting arms attached and led by Logan Grimnar for the purpose of it's current Campaign.

So why Space Wolves? The thing that drew me initially was probably their pre-Heresy fluff. There was something awesome about the Wolves being the Emperors Executioners, that utter unconditional loyalty one could only expect from a Canine. As I read all of the Black Library novels both Heresy and 40k about them, they appealed to me more and more (certainly the fluff portrayal in the books is significantly better than what we see in the Codex!).

The Great Wolf himself flanked by his Wolf Guard
However when I first got into the hobby and looked to buy my first Army, I looked at Space Wolves and thought I could never paint them to an acceptable standard, at the time things like Wolf Pelts and the traditional sky-blue/grey armor looked incredibly difficult so I collected Ultramarines for some times.

As my painting improved over a few years I found myself painting a couple of test models the granite grey we hear the Wolves being in the Black Library novels. When I realised I could get them to a standard I could be happy with I sold my Ultramarines to fund my first Space Wolves and I haven't looked back since.

Speeders & Scouts
Scouts Advance
Grey Hunters - The Backbone to my Army
Blood Claws (Bases still to Complete)
Wolfguard in Terminator Armor
Land Speeders drift through some Ruins

Njal Stormcaller
Long Fangs and Thunderwolf Cavalry

Rune Priests, Wolf Priest, Wolf Lord and Wolf Guard

Assaulting Tau

So there is an overview of my Space Wolves collection, what does the future hold for them? Well there's another two Drop Pods to be painted, another Land Raider to be added, and a Contemptor Dreadnaught making his way to their ranks. Will I ever stop? I don't really know, I see them more as a collection than an army to be played with (though I do) and so I will buy models even if I never intend to play with them. I'd like to have a full Great Company some day... and some flyers.

Thanks for reading!

~ Bayonet

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