Keep calm and try to not panic too much please, after all, these are just rumors.... 
The British have it right on this one I think

Yes, it looks like there may be something for 40k's core rules in 2014. From the folks 40k Radio, who, to date have been batting perfect scores so far on their rumors:

The big 40k rumor is: This summer GW will release 7th edition 40k and 9th edition Fantasy has been shelved, for now.

All right before all of you blow us up step back and take a deep breath. This is from the source that have us pictures of the Space Marines and the Codex a month early. Also gave us pics of the Dark Elves which we described accurately a month early. Also gave us the info on the Sentinels of Terra. He also let us know that Nids were in January NOT December like so many other rumors sites predicted. So yeah he has been very accurate with the info he has given us. They way it was explained to us is that 7th Edition will be made to include the new Escalation and Stronghold rules. I would also not be surprised to see the Dataslates added to the main rule book.

Yes this is a rumor at this stage so take it with a grain of salt. But then again everything out source has said has come true. Only time will tell. Have a Merry Christmas with your families and don't let this put a knot in your undies.
Seriously. Don't let this be you.
Yes, I, like many reading this have my own doubts of a 7th Edition for 40k coming this soon, that is unless GW has decided to completely overhaul the game I don't see it happening just yet. That said, there is still room for GW to release an updated core rulebook, like a 6.5 Edition with the new supplements included within. Or go even further and put all the FAQs and updates within. Or go one step beyond that and perhaps rewrite some of the rules. There is a lot of flex room there that doesn't go as far as a new edition.

Of course this is all up in the air, and if it's happening then GW is already starting their printing run here soon to ensure the books are ready on time.

Regardless we'll know more in a few months for certain. Who knows, this might be GW's plan for kicking of their 2015 fiscal year, or it may not. All we can do for the moment is keep calm and wait for the other shoe to drop.

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