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For this week's review I want to have a butchers at Tabletop Workshop and the fantastic 28mm buildings they have on offer.

First of all let me introduce you to the box covers. This'll give you a good understanding of the quality of the finished product.

Apologies for the lack of photographs, the light is poor and the camera crap!

The Product

Firstly we have the cottage.

The medieval chapel.

The picture above shows the two beside one another and demonstrates just how much larger the chapel is alongside the cottage.


As you can see from the images below the individual sections of the buildings are expertly designed, from the bricks and walls all the way down to the wood grain it's easy to be impressed by the level of detail that the design team put in.

Notice the hooks that drop in and slide into locked position.

The Packaging

I'm not one to reinvent the wheel and noticed it's usual for people to display the packaging products arrive in. Like many before this specific terrain arrived in a box.

I decided to make the diorama more exciting with the addition of Chalky the Hip Hop Snowman taking a nap.


Chalky taking a nap.

Cottage Parts
Chapel Parts


This is the bit where you tip your hat at the ingenuity of the design.

Assembling the buildings is easier than scratching your arse (no offence to quadriplegics and fat chicks who can't reach). Each building comes with simple click together instructions that actually means you can (if transport space is sparse) transport the buildings incomplete and clip them together when you arrive.

Cottage Assembly Instructions
Chapel Assembly Instructions
When all the pieces are in place and held together you'll find the buildings are strong enough to stand together without glue. Having said that, when you're happy with the build I'd suggest dosing it with some polystyrene cement anyway to stop the pieces flopping around in transit and chipping away at the paint.

A Tip

If you decide to use glue try gluing three walls solid and leaving one single removable wall. This'll make it easier to move troops around inside. If ET (or someone with long fingers) is in your gaming group ignore this tip.

"You want me to stick my finger where?"


The following are the basic colors I painted the buildings, despite the photographs saying otherwise they look good (in the flesh).

The Chapel

I decided to cut my teeth on Terrain painting with the Chapel. The official style is a more yellow brick look but I wanted the traditional grey rock look to tie in with the rest of my terrain.

Mechanicus Standard Grey Base
Agrax Earthshade Wash
Mechanicus Standard Grey Base Drybrush
Dawnstone Drybrush
Administratum Grey Drybrush
Ulthuan Grey Drybrush

Mournfang Brown Base
Skrag Brown Overbrush
Balor Brown Drybrush

Dryad Bark Base
Gorthor Brown Drybrush
Baneblade Brown Drybrush

The Cottage


Mechanicus Standard Grey Base
Agrax Earthshade Wash
Mechanicus Standard Grey Base Drybrush
Dawnstone Drybrush
Administratum Grey Drybrush 
Ulthuan Grey Drybrush

Steel Legion Drab
Agrax Earthshade Wash

Tallarn Sand
Karak Stone

Dryad Bark Base
Gorthor Brown Drybrush
Baneblade Brown Drybrush

Thatched Roof

XV-88 Base
Agrax Earthshade Wash
Balor Brown Drybrush
Balor + Ushabti Bone 1:1 Drybrush
Ushabti Drybrush


I think that sums up everything I can think of regarding this set of uber terrain. Now, one small factor that might detract from the pikeys amongst you - the price. Coming in at £20 for the cottage and £22 for the Chapel they may be deemed a little expensive.

BULLSHIT I cry! For a score you get a fantastic, expertly designed piece of terrain that's ever lasting, virtually impossible to break and looks good. The price reflects the quality in my humble worthless opinion.

Keep your eyes peeled for the castle kit as well folks. If you like Tabletop Workshops Facebook page they'll keep you updated with regular news and information snippets. The upcoming castle is going to be a biggy. Also, on the subject of social media don't forget to follow Tabletop Workshop for further news and information.

TableTop Workshop Cottage and Chapel Beers out of 10 = 9

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