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Painting Miniature Faces - Tabletop Standard


Bayonet here with another beginner-grade tutorial. This time I'm looking at quick and easy ways to do human Caucasian faces.

Now when I started my Space Wolves project I decided that the entire Army would go helmet-less, no small feat as I have over 70 infantry models in my collection! The real challenge was when you are forced to use the same head twice, that's where different hair colours, scars, facial hair, and tattoos all come in - But for now let's keep it simple.

Standard: Tabletop

Colours Required:

  • White Scar
  • Rakkarth Flesh
  • Abaddon Black
  • Reikland Fleshshade
  • Agrax Earthshade
Difficulty: Beginner

Estimated Time: 10-20 Minutes

Painting Faces - Step 1

 Nice and easy - simply cover the fleshy parts of the face with Rakkarth Flesh. Try to miss the hair and any facial accessories but if you don't manage to then it's easily covered up later.




Painting Miniature Faces - Step 2

Apply a slightly watered down Reikland Fleshshade liberally onto the flesh, try and move the wash away from raised edges such as cheek bones, tip of the nose and chin whilst letting it pool into any recesses.




Painting Miniature Faces - Step 3

Once you've allowed the wash to dry, apply a thin non watered down layer of Agrax Earthshade to the eye sockets and in mouth (if it's open) and allow to dry - this gives the impression of these areas being deeper and darker than the other facial features where pooling has occurred.




Painting Miniature Faces - FINAL STEP

Once both washes are completely dry you can start picking out the details. The eye is simply a white dot with a smaller black dot in the middle. I decided to randomly give this guy an eye patch too. Once you're eyes are done pop on some eye brows matching the hair color and pick out any other details like scars, comms headsets, jewelry etc. and you're done!




Here's some I made earlier!

Clearer photo of our 10 minute face

One of my Wolf Guard

Mark of the Wulfen hence the more canine eyes

Bit of rugged stubble on the face and head

Missing an eye!

Hot On The Wire.

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