Bayonet here and I thought I'd drop a simple paint guide on how I create the dirty and dull armour for my Word Bearers Army. The aim of this is a quick decent Table Top standard for your models.

Chaos Champion

Painting Word Bearers

Standard: Tabletop

Colours Required:
Difficulty: Beginner

Estimated Time: 30-45 Minutes

My inspiration for this scheme by the way comes from the cover of the excellent Word Bearers omnibus by Anthony Reynolds.

Painting Word Bearers - Step 1

First we start off with a base Red (Mephiston Red ) and cover the whole model, at this stage it doesn't matter about neatness as any splash on the weapons we can tidy up later.

Painting Word Bearers - Step 2

Then we pick out all the raised edges and iconography with a dull silver metal (Lead Belcher ) (Here I've used GWs Boltgun Metal from their old range) as well as the weapon. The Chaos Space marine models are excellent for this due to all the little bits of details on the armour - especially the newer Chosen models from the Dark Vengeance set.

Painting Word Bearers - Step 3 

I then put a drop of a bronze/light brown wash (Seraphim Sepia ) into the open side of the magazine (I've used GWs Gryphon Sepia from their old range) to colour the ammunition before throwing a very liberal non-watered down black wash (Nuln Oi) all over the model (I've used GWs Badab Black from their old range). Make sure you push the excess wash into recesses leaving only a light layer over the plating of the armour.

Painting Word Bearers -  Finishing Touches

Finish up with an orange (Troll Slayer Orange ) for the lenses (or green if you feel like it), because orange is so similar to red I didn't bother with an OSL glow from the lens with these guys. Then I used Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel ) from GWs old range to highlight the edges of silver and finished up with painting his pistol holster and pouches brown.

Now you're free to add battle damage or highlight till your heart is content! Hopefully this has been useful to some of you, it's meant to get a decent table top standard look on your rank and file troops and can be finished in around 30-45 minutes.

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