With the release of Codex Orks 2014 on the distant horizon I feel it's time to gather all of the various rumors from around the globe and post them up here. We'll update as and when more news breaks.

Codex Orks Rumors 2014

I've posted the following Ork rumors in chronological order with the newest at the top and the older ones right down at the bottom. Obviously the older stuff is less likely to be "solid" given playtesting and changes made by the development skwad!

As usual I've written the "rumors" into a more coherent and bulleted format.

Ork Rumors via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 January 30th 2014

boyz will become 2 pts cheaper, but must pay for wargear.
Choppas being 1pt and shootas being 2pts. Choppas now give +1 strength in
close combat but only give AP4 on a furious charge.

Ork Rumors from Larry Vela - 

  • Gutrippa returns as a reimagined halftrack with a Kannon and a nasty spike filled front, and a AAA Flakkwagon alternative build.
  • Buggy Kit
  • Flashgitz/Tankbustas combo-kit
  • Meganob kit (Warboss bit included)
  • Big Gunz/Suppagunz combo-kit
  • Deffkoptas 
    • Plastic Cybork Parts included in one of above kits
  • Plastic Weirdboy clampack
  • Plastic Mek clampack

 Ork Rumors via Tim the Thief on Faeit 212 - September 1st 2013

Waaagh! Points
  • Every 3rd Ork Mob (of 10 models or more) generates 1 point

  • Weirdboyz do not generate warp points. They use Waaagh! Points for Psychic Powers.

  • Loot Special Rule: Lootaboyz can fire a weapon from the last defeated enemy once.
  • Shokk Attack Gun costs 1 Waaagh! Point per shot.

  • Can use the ability Waaagh! Cry at a cost of one Waaagh! Point.

Ork Rumors via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 - August 31st 2013

  • Large squads generate more points than small units (MSU)
  • Shooting squads gain a weird token when killing units in shooting phase. 
  • Close combat squads gain a weird token for eachevery round they're in combat. 
  • Squads over certain size generate a weird token at beginning of ork turn (includes 1st turn) 
  • Gain 1 token per 3 units at the start of the Ork players turn. 
  • Collect tokens from squads to cast a power. 
  • A strategy has developed to use token from units that are about to regenerate them as each unit can only hold one token. (presumably a strategy discovered in playtesting) 
  • Units lose weird tokens when they flee, leave the table or are destroyed.
  • There is an upper threshold on the amount of weird tokens you can use per turn. 
  • In a similar vein to the Black Legion Supplement, Ork powers have a minimum and maximum quota of weird tokens they can use. 
    Weirdboyz can once again explode with a higher probability the more they power they use.

Ork Rumors via Tim the Thief on Faeit 212 - August 30th 2013

  • Orks have a unique special rule that means they generate power through units instead of Warp Points.  Known as weird points they generate 1 for every 3 units.
  • Orks do not use levels. For every 3 Units in your army each Weirdboy in your  army can use one point.

Ork Armageddon Rumors via Anonymous  on Faeit 212 - August 2013

  • There are no Catachans in sight
  • The Ork Codex will focus on Armageddon and the Cadians.
  • Goffs and Bloodaxes are the first supplements
  • Codex Orks comes with a Blood Axes Supplement.
  • The Bloodaxe supplement allows Kommadoz as troops and an alliance with Imperial Guard.

Ork Rumors from Larry Vela - March 2013


Mek Tank

  • Has a giant Shokk Attack Gun that fires Bomb Squigs.
  • Can take a Kustom Force Field. 

  • Snazz guns roll random range each turn (12+3d6).
  • Gets Hot on a triple 1.
  • Can purchase upgrades like +1 BS, +1A, blast, rapid fire, skyfire, and others, some are mutually exclusive.
  • Are cheaper!

  • Has an ability that enables you to field more Deffdreads and Kanns than currently.
  • Gain a "Rocket boost" attack that can target flyers. 
  • They must move 18” and if they pass a flyer they each get 2 attacks on it as if assaulting a vehicle. Move as infantry during their next turn.

Buggys / Trakks
  • Can tank shock when upgraded with spiked wheels.


Grot Boss
  • Grot with a stateline of a Ork Boy 
  • Higher BS 
  • Equipped with kustom-mega-shoota as an option 
  • Can take a Buggy or a Killa-kan upgrade
Da Crew
  • HQ unit of bigger Nobs. 
  • LoS modifications 
  • One  nominated as "Da Boss" if Da Boss is killed one of Da Crew is promoted.  This interacts with "Kill the Warlord" victory conditions, and is effectively an entire "warlord unit".

Grot Whirlybird
  • Rotored transport: Capacity 20 Grots. 
  • They get dumped (deepstrike?) on the battlefield from the Whirlybird and take a mandatory DT test
  • Causes mayhem if they fall on another unit.

Grots Buggys
  • Similar to Nob Bikers, but are buggies with Grots on the back and Orks behind the wheel! 
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Probably an alternative option in a buggy boxed set.

Gretchin/ Grots

This section here is unclear to me at the moment it could be an upcoming supplement in its own right or perhaps it'll be appended to the Ork Codex, saying that it's entirely possible its pickable right out of the codex alongside the Orks - who knows?
    Grot boss
    • A big grot almost an ork.

    Gretchin Weirdling
    • Grot psyker level 1
    • Upgrade to lvl 2. 
    • Access to divination, gork, and mork lists

    Killa Kans in elite.

    • Can take control collars no ork herder like in ork list. 
    • 5-20 unit. 
    • Cheaper than ork codex gretchin by 1 pt. 
    • Can take whirlybird or looted wagon as dedicated transport

    Squig runts - sounds like 40k equivalent of squig hoppers

    • Looks like a battered Huey 
    • Bomb doors underneath drop Gretchin

    Grot scootas
    • Rocket propelled skateboarders
    • Squad of 5-10
    • Heavy bolter like weapon.

    Grot buggies
    • Drive by assault 
    • 8 grot blastas

    Grot Rocket
    • Single shot rocket with large range and a big blast.

    Big Guns 
    • Control collar option
    • Same as guns from Ork Codex plus a Flakk gun with Skyfire

    Grot Whirlybird
    • Looks like a old Vietnam Chopper
    • Big bubble cockpit/body and a skinny tail boom.
    • About twice as big as a DeffKopta. 
    • Concept has the doors of the body open like an old bomber to drop Grots onto the battlefield.
    • Cannot carry Orks or Bulky/Very Bulky models.
    • Can drop Grots at any point along path travelled in movement phase when it isn't zooming.
    • Placement like deepstrike, but scatter is reduced if hovering.

    Ork Rumors from Batty  - November 1st 2012

    • Orks stay the same with furious charge and mob rules
    • All orks ( excluding grots or squigs) get FnP 6+ 
    • Weapons stay the same except choppas are ap6 (ap5 on charge) and big choppers are +2 strength and ap4 (ap3 on charge).
    • Nobz stay the same with new upgrades available to them
    • New Grot assistants such as suicide grots (similar to bomb squigs) or ammo runts
    • Attack squigs have more weapon options.
    • New teleporting Nob Mega Armor unit (more random deepstrike) 
    • Special mek character that can bestow teleportation on D3 units.
    • Special Bloodaxe character that can bring destroyed boyz squads back, (similar to an imperial guard character) 
    • A large multiple wound Squiggoth type creature (not Forgeworld) it uses a hunger points system that means it will eat friendly units if it isn't full.
    • Two Ork psychic lists for weirdboys, Mork (offensive) and Gork (strategic). Many powers in the lists gain power per unit around the weirdboy. Mishaps can occur that harm the weirdboy and units in his vicinity.
    • New Ork only fortifications (including an ork rock) and an Orkish warlord chart.
     If I've missed anything please let me know in the comments and I'll make some amendments.

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