You've noticed by now that I moved the furniture around a little last night. I was getting tired of the drab amateur looking TWG V1.0 and decided to upgrade.

This is a very awesome (if somewhat intensive theme), it has plenty of bells and whistles and with a two column layout it means we can focus more on the content and less on the adverts running down the centre.

So, what does it do?

The Snazzy Search 

First of all, there's an ingenius piece of coding on the search that loads up the articles (with thunmbnails) in a dropdown. This picture here probably explains it all.

On The Fly Text Resizing, Search, Print and Email

In addition to the funky search and probably the most important thing to mention is the fact text sizes can be edited by the reader. To make changes take a look at the top right hand side of this article (see image to the right). Click the A+ and the text gets bigger, A- gets smaller - smashing!

There are options for printing and emailing as well but I haven't tried them yet. Any changes you make to this section will be stored via cookies on your PC so they should stick.

New Topic Based Sections

We also have several new sections on the main page that are used to highlight the latest posts in any specific area. I've added the images beneath to show them. Now, some of the labels we've been giving articles haven't been very tight meaning the articles might cross over or have misshapen images that don't quite look right. This is a simple overhang from the previous set up and will in time be phased out as we start posting with bigger images in mind.

New Releases

Black Library Reviews and Editorials

Product Reviews

Latest Rumors



So far I've only encountered two issues whilst building the site. For some reason the Disqus comment counts aren't showing up on the main latest post section of the main page. On the same topic we also have to go in and make a single edit on every article to enable comments - if you go back to any older articles you might noticed you can't comment. This is only a minor teething issue though, nothing a few cups of coffee and 2 hours wont fix!

I hope you enjoy the new look site. If you have any issues or concerns let me know here and I'll address them right away.

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