The following is a step by step instructional on how to paint Goff Ork Boyz to a tabletop standard reasonably quickly.

Remember that when painting Orks variety is the spice of life so try to mix the color combinations up a bit. For example on some orks you should darken or lighten each aspect of their clothing, one might prefer black boots, another could be in favour of muddy brown boots. Keep mixing things up.

How to Paint Goff Orks

Paints Needed 


Painting Orks Step by Step

For the purposes of this tutorial I'm going to slapping some paint on this here basic ork.

Glue the Ork together, clean off the flash and undercoat black.

Step One - Basecoating 

Basecoat the Skin with Waaagh Flesh

Basecoat the straps and the boots with Rhinox Hide

Basecoat the metal areas with Leadbelcher

Basecoat the Skull, Teeth and Claws with Zandri Dust
Basecoat the gold jewelry with Balthasar Gold
Basecoat the helmet adornment with Leadbelcher
(pictured is Ceramite White - paint it Leadbelcher)

Step Two - Shading

Wash the straps and boots with Agrax Earthshade
Wash the Skin with a 50:50 mix of Carroburg Crimson and Water then Biel-Tan Green
Wash the Metal with Agrax Earthshade and then when it's dry give another wash with Nuln Oil
Wash the Bone, Teeth and Claws with Seraphim Sepia

Step Three - First Highlight

Layer the skin with Warboss Green 
Leaving some of the Waaagh Flesh showing through the deepest muscle ridges.

Layer the leather straps and boots with Doombull Brown

Layer the teeth with Ushabti Bone
Drybrush the Skull with Ushabti Bone
Fine highlight the rings and boot caps with Ironbreaker
Drybrush the pistol and chopper with Ironbreaker
Highlight Helmet Adornment with Ironbreaker
Highlight the gold rings with Auric Armor Gold

Layer the black clothing with Eshin Grey
Fine edge highlight the helmet and shoulder pad with Eshin Grey

Step Four - Final Highlight

Paint striations on the Orks skin areas with Skarsnik Green

For those wondering what striations are they're the muscle fibers showing through the skin.

Drybush the metal areas with Runefang Steel
Fine highlight the straps and boots with  Tuskgor Fur
Fine highlight the clothing withDawnstone
Drybrush the Skull and highlight the teeth with a 50:50 mix of Screaming Skull and Whit

Step Five - Glazing and Finishing Touches


Glaze the skin with Waywatcher Green
Glaze the Black clothing with an Abaddon BlackGlaze
Paint the checks on the helmet with White Scar
Paint the helmet adornment with Leadbelcher
Give the checks an Agrax Earthshade Wash

Carry out any last minute touchups and give the lips a Druchi Violet wash.

Dot in the eyes with Khorne Red
Base the figure

That's it, they look ok, are reasonably fast to paint in batches and nothing is difficult - no wet blending or anything borderline difficult just simple layering and drybrushing. 

Painting Orks needn't take ages and can yield really good results.           
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