So if you didn't know, Sisters aren't in the Escalation book. At all...

Well, okay I really didn't expect that to come as a shock to anyone because, assuming you read my review of Escalation that is, you already know that the book doesn't have anything for the Sisters of Battle. If that was a shock, well then....Surprise!
Now I know there isn't a huge market there for this all metal army that I for some reason continue to play despite attempting to start new armies (I swear, I'm only slightly addicted to the idea of bad-ass women whose faith is so powerful it actually let's them shrug off wounds that should kill them), but at the same time I really think that there are a number of Superheavies that could have worked, even if it was just giving the nuns with guns access to the Baneblade options, so not seeing anything was a small let down.

After thinking it over for a couple of days, I went ahead and contacted GW's Customer Service and mentioned my disappointment in this oversight, especially considering the book has this in it's product description on the site (emphasis mine):
Warhammer 40,000: Escalation contains full rules for adding super-heavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures to every Warhammer 40,000 army.
So much for "every" army, eh?

I mentioned my dislike of the way it really doesn't feel completely honest and that I was a little dissapointed in this ommision.

Yes, Internet, I was only disappointed. Not mad, not frothing at the mouth, not even slighted, just a little bummed that they didn't even get a nod there.Did it honestly surprised? Not really. This kind of thing happens enough that it's not really a shock and frankly it's just one of those things you expect anymore when you play Sisters.

So they got back with me within a day, and here's the response I got from Customer Service:
Hey [Zion],

Thank you for writing into us. I will make sure that your comments are sent to the appropriate parties as feedback. I personally would find any of the Imperial Guard or Space Marine entries acceptable, but I understand that the book doesn't officially state as much. Should you have any other questions please give us a call at 1-800-394-4263 and we will work to get you taken care of.

David Monroe
Games Workshop
North America Customer Services
Now I know some of you out there are rolling your eyes at the part about passing along the comments, but having dealt with these guys before, and having talked to a couple of people better internally connected than myself, they really do pass this stuff along. Every little thing really does get sent along. Does it get used? Not so much, but they do try to relay what we say.

I did find a little humor in the idea of a Sisters of Battle Thunderhawk , and I've heard another person say that pretty much anything in the game was basically fair game (I'm betting conversions and opponent permitting of course), and if that was the case I'd say the Unbound C'Tan option would make one heck of a scary Living Saint. People think Celestine was a monster before? Imagine her with the damage she could do as that thing and you'll find even her Codex: White Dwarf version quite tame in comparison.

Now obviously this still relies on your opponent agreeing to these options, just like any good case of house rules, but the suggestion is there for those who want it. It's at least a leg up over where the Sisters are at the moment, and gives me an option to put my Sororitas Stormlord on the table (well. it's still a normal Stormlord, but I am looking at ways to add to it to make it feel more appropriate for Sisters. I'm thinking about a thousand purity seals...).

So unless a Dataslate or Errata comes it looks like we're waiting to see what Forgeworld offers everyone's favorite sci-fi nuns with guns. Who knows, maybe they'll get a Titan. If that happened I may get motivated to start a little build log in making one from scratch.

We'll just have to wait and see I suppose.

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