Today I was very fortunate to receive a fantastic wizards tower supplied by GreenLeaf Terrain.

Straight out of the box this thing is impressive, cast in plaster and built brick by brick from the ground up it has a real quality feel, is solidly constructed (645 grams) and arrives neatly packaged in plenty of bubble wrap.

There were minor scuffs in transit which considering it travelled all the way across the pond is pretty decent. Besides, it's nothing I couldn't fix with a drop of paint.

The piece has a really charming look and as you can see from the scale picture alongside "Mick the Mercenary" (a Catachan) you can appreciate the just how big it is. 

This kind of quality wouldn't look out of place alongside 'eavy metal figures in White Dwarf.

The piece splits into three and allows space for two figures on each level.

One of the beautiful aspects of this piece is it's potential as a focal point. The board it stands on can very easily be enhanced or modified to blend with your existing terrain.

Priced at $85 I think it's a little bit pricey but remember this is a centre piece and I feel it's worth every cent.

On a closing note this is a piece of terrain that's very difficult to replicate yourself so without spending the money you'll never have one!

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Green Leaf Terrain Wizards Tower Beers out of 10 = 8

Head over to the Green Leaf Terrain website for a butchers at all the wonderful terrain and custom options they have.

Here are a few samples.

Hot On The Wire.

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