After working away for a month of 11 hour shifts without any time off (like not even a day) I'm pleased to announce that I'm BACK!

So, expect to see things gradually move back to normal with regards to the passage of news and other such information. I have a lot in store for you guys, plenty of review material - some insights into complete new game systems and hopefully a trip to Mantic HQ this Decemeber for some playtesting. Looking forward to that one.

I'd also like to say a massive thanks to the team who kept things moving around here - especially Zion, you are a legend *brofist*.

So where am I hobby wise? Packed up I'm sad to say. Everything is in boxes waiting to be laid out today. I have a couple of Godslayer starter boxes on the hit list ready for acrylic ruination. These figures are actually really pleasing and look nice, they're a little larger than their GW counterparts but they're nicely detailed and come with plenty of spiky bits.

These should be done in the next week or so then, exciting times.

I think that just about sums up my brief message, things will be returning to normal - the blog network will be updated, new release roundups will be reinstated and I'll slave once more!

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...