Don't worry, they aren't planning Exterminatus....

So with all the back and forth over the new codex over the weekend I wrote a comment to GW Digital Editions on Facebook regarding the Inquisition codex to basically test my theory on why things were so "the same" between the books:
Just a little design question about Codex: Inquisition that's popped up and I was thinking you guys might be able to shed some light one: is the reason that the Inquisitorial stuff mostly stayed the same because it's in Codec: Grey Knights?
Also, when Codex: Grey Knights gets an eventual update, does this mean that the Inquisition book will see an update on anything that's shared between the books?
And they were kind enough to respond:
Games Workshop: Digital Editions Hi [Zion],
We try not to have wildly different rules for the same units in different places. The inquisitors in Grey Knights are still inquisitors, and your opponent should be able to know at a glance what they're up against when you put your models down on the table. (that's why things like Rhinos, chimeras and Tactical Marines have very similar rules wherever you find them). 
Of course, one of the advantages of the digital format, is that you can change things much more easily, and you may well see changes to some digital codexes over time to match new print releases or new miniatures. (for example, the last edition of Codex: Space Marines had Storm Talons added when that model was released).
I hope that helps.
- Eddie 
So what does this give us exactly? Well first, we no know the reason for the lack of changes is because the rules for the models already exists in the Grey Knights codex and they didn't want to cause problems by changing things in one book when they're in another.

We also got an interesting tidbit that may be considered rumor worthy there regarding the codex stuff: there may in fact be updates to the codex when the stuff they share with other codexes changes. So I think we can go ahead and put the "they'll just charge you for a new version when it's updated" gripe to rest now.

So I'm glad to see this. We're looking at free updates when things changes and a very reasonable reason on why things didn't change. On the flip side if/when they get around to Deathwatch we shouldn't see this nearly so much as Deathwatch shouldn't have to share nearly so much between books.

Anyways, I'm really interested in seeing where these mini-dexes are going.

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