Well GW: Digitial Editions is at it again....

Once again they've turned on the drip feed. This time one of three(!) warlord trait tables. Yes three. GW Digital Editions revealed that all three branches of the Inquisition had a table, and then left it up to popular vote on which table we would actually get to see in response to them hitting 6,000 likes. So by popular vote, here is the Ordos Xenos Warlord traits table:

So I don't have ideas on all of these but here's my guesses:
1. Stubborn? Or Re-roll leadership/morale checks
2. ???
3. ???
4. Preferred Enemy (Xenos) and with a likely bubble too.
5. ???
6. Hatred, also maybe with a bubble

These rules are nice and cryptic this time and I rather dig that. Rules with cool sounding names are always a perk and if the rules are as cool as the names are then we're in for a real treat.

Hot On The Wire.

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