That's right folks, we finally have some concrete information on Prodos Games' upcoming project, Alien Versus Predator.

The company posted a picture on their facebook page confirming that AvP will be coming to kickstarter on Friday the 8th of November.

As you can see from the picture, Prodos are teaming up with Cool Mini or Not for this project. There are some people who are already up in arms about this, mainly over shipping, but we'll see what happens on Friday.

Prodos have also mentioned in the comments on their facebook page that they intend to have a regular version of the box game released by Christmas, and the kickstarter will be for some sort of "deluxe" version. I imagine that means the base game with a bunch of extras thrown in. But the good news is that those of you who are allergic to kickstarter should still be able to get the game under your tree this year.

To finish off, here are some more pictures of the sculpts courtesy of Bhaird Jegeren on facebook:

Are you excited to slay some aliens, hunt some prey or give your life for the corps? Let us know below! 

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