Several new miniatures and conversion heads have gone up for sale today.

Release Overview

  • Israeli Additions for Flames of War 
  • Beameh  and Estrella Nocturna from Freebooter Miniatures 
  • Custodian Heads by Victoria Miniatures

Submitting Your News

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New Miniatures

Israeli Additions for Flames of War

Two new Israeli Additons have arrived for Flames of War.

IS-3M Platoon (AARBX01)

IS-3M Platoon (AARBX01)
includes three IS-3M tanks, three .50 cal AA MGs, one Tank Commander sprue & six Rare earth magnets.

M50 Sherman

M50 Sherman (AISBX04)
includes two M50 Sherman tanks, four Rare earth magnets & one Tank Commander sprue.

Beameh  and Estrella Nocturna from Freebooter Miniatures

October news: Beameh and Estrella Nocturna
Ahoy mateys,
no, the following news is not (yet) our great October-Surprise, but “only” our regular new releases for this month.
Just in time for Helloween there is spooky Estrella Nocturna SOL 013, a mercenary mystic, which has power over the loas of malevolence. She avoids close contact to Imperials in general, but all other crews will find herself a valuable reinforcement.
Our Freebooter friends Beate and Carsten Kunz have had a major impact on the development of Beameh AMA 015. This Amazon specialist introduces a lot of new rules, like Raking Blow, her ensnaring net and her poisoned stun spear, which makes her a versatile add-on to many Amazon crews.
Shipment of both products commences in calendar week 42, but orders can be placed in our webstore from now on.

Conversion Parts

Custodian Heads by Victoria Miniatures

 Custodian Heads with helmets and re-breathers for 10 troopers suitable for 28mm-30mm troops.
Includes 10 individual heads hand cast in high quality resin.
Compatible with Victoria Miniatures and popular plastic guard.
This is the same custodian head as included in the 10 man Penal Squad.

Victoria Miniatures have released these fantastic conversion heads. 

Hot On The Wire.

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