Have you ever wanted to give Celestine wings?

Many of us have, and there is actually a really easy way to do it too. And as an added bonus, this conversion makes her less back heavy, so she'll be more stable than before! (even more so if you weight her base like you're supposed to!).

Seriously, this took me about 30 minutes to do, and I was stopping to take pictures at the same time (your build time may vary based on level of distraction and if you use anything to help speed glue drying times)

For this conversion you'll need:

  • 1x Saint Celestine
  • 1x Saint Celestine sword (her unattached arm)
  • 1x Saint Celestine backpack (that'd be the part with her halo attached)
  • 1x Sanguinor's Wings (in original metal or Finecast)
  • 1x Hobby Knife
  • 1x Sprue Clippers
  • Superglue
  • Green Stuff (optional, as a filler for gluing and the wings)
  • Baking Soda or Zip Kicker (optional (for speeding drying time))
  • Pin Vise (optional, but recommended for metal wings)
  • Pinning material (examples: thin wire, or a staple) (also optional, but recommended for metal wings)

Now our very first step (after you've removed the parts from the package) is to wash everything in warm soapy water to remove any mold release agent. This is very important because that stuff can mess up your paint job later, and no one wants to make painting more of a task.

So you have your very own freshly washed Saint Celestine, right (seriously, wash the parts first!)? Well it's time to put those sprue clippers to work and carefully clip off all the flash on her. Take care to not clip off any detail such as rivets or her ribbons as you work.

Now, what you can't see in this image is mine had some flash filling the space between the arm that holds the bird and her body, if this happens to you a good sharp hobby knife will allow you to cut it out like any other flash. Just be careful not to stab your self and go slow and steady.
Next up, we clean up the flash on her sword arm. As you can see, mine had all sorts of little bits of flash all over. Don't worry, it clips right off.
Next comes the backpack (which also doubles as her halo). This should be a pretty easy one to clean up, but I'd watch out for the inside of the vents on the bottom. Sometimes the get flash in there and it's a pain to clean out neatly.
And here we have Sanguinor's Wings (I have a pair of finecast ones here, but if you can get the metal ones they'll work too, just be warned you'll have to pin them). These mount on the sides of his jump pack. There are three reasons I chose these wings over the other ones available: the first was they're a good size that doesn't unbalance the figure, the second was I find the detail rather pretty good and the tubing makes them look artificial, which was more of a personal choice of mine because I didn't want to give Celestine actual wings. If you don't like the tubing, it'll easilly come off with some careful use of a hobby knife and/or sprue cutters.

 Anyways, just like before, carefully clean off any flash as well at the flat sides there where the notches are. This is especially important as you'll be gluing them together there.

 Once you have the wings cleaned up, carefully cut the back wall out of the notch. This will create the hole you'll be using to mount the wings to the backpack.

If you're unsure, try try dry-fitting them over the connection stub on the backpack (if you're unsure how they fit together, look at the image below), ideally you want them to be able to touch while on the knob, but not have a massive hole. If it doesn't fit perfectly, carefully cut off some more and try again.

 After you've cleaned out the hole enough that it'll fit over the knob, it's time to glue them together. Now if you have the metal ones, this is the first place you'll need to pin, as you'll need to pin the wings together to ensure they stay together.
Now that you have your wings paired up, it's time to attach them to the backpack. It's a very simple operation, you just need to line the hole you created up with the back knob on the backpack and glue it into place.

If you plan on pinning the backpack to Celestine do not glue the wings on first, as it'll be easier to drill into the inside connection knob if you do that first.

I chose not pin as I'd prefer the backpack break loose than risk the wings, but that's up to you and how you approach it.

Now, once you have the wings attached (as shown in the image above) you'll notice that the original notches that were on the wings have created a hole. This is very simple to fill in though, and you can do it with some green stuff, or even just a little extra super glue once the original bit has dried. If you're feeling especially creative, that back area makes a great place for attaching other things as well (small icons, purity seals, ect). 

Now if you plan on painting the wings separate from the body, this is a safe place to stop, as you'll want to paint them before putting them on Celestine herself. I've tacked mine on though to give you an idea on how it'll look. Feel free to play with the exact orientation so it lines up in the way that is most pleasing to you.

And don't worry, I know she doesn't go on that small base, she's just there because I haven't cut the tab off yet.
And here she is with her arm attached (you may want to pin this as well, since it's prone to breaking off sometimes if you don't), ready to go set heretics aflame and purge the traitors in the name of the Emperor!

So there you go, a quick way to give Celestine some nice looking wings!

"But wait", I hear some people say, "what about Sanguinor? What are we going to do with him if we buy him for those wings?"

Don't worry, I'm working on another tutorial just for answering that question. This time something themed around terrain. That's right, next time we're going to be doing something unrelated to Sisters, and I'll be putting Celestine's cape to use.

In the mean time, have fun, and happy building!

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