Greetings wargamers, time for another look into the world of kickstarter. We've got some really cool things to talk about today so let's get to it!

First up we have Chibi Asian Adventures by Impact Miniatures. This is a line of RPG heroes and monsters in chibi anime style and would work well in games like Super Dungeon Explorer. They're also ideal to help get younger people into tabletop gaming! 

Continuing the RPG theme, next up we have the Elven Adventurers by Stonehaven Miniatures. Stonehaven have already run two successful campaigns for their Dwarves and Gnomes and the Elven Adventurers are shaping up to be just as successful. 

Next we have the Mini Case by Tablewar. This display and transport solution is perfect for carrying minis for skirmish games like Infinity or Malifaux, or it can be used to carry display models for competitions etc. It's also designed to fit underneath the seats on a plane meaning you can keep your minis with you during the flight. 

Anvil Industry, the folks responsible for a plethora of conversion pieces, took to kickstarter this week with their new original setting, Afterlife. This near future, post apocalyptic game will introduce a new line of miniatures and a new game system along with them. 

The early renders are looking promising (even though they aren't posed yet) and afterlife should bring us some exciting new sci fi miniatures to use on out tabletops.

That's all for this week folks. 

As always, if you know of/run a crowd funding campaign you'd like to see featured here you can get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or on twitter via @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper.

Happy Halloween!


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