Welcome one and all to another instalment of This Week On Kickstarter. We've got a heap of projects for you to throw your hard earned money at this week. So buckle up! 

First up we have Combat Armor Mecha, a campaign which allows you to create an customise a range of "1/285th scale" mechs. According to the campaign, this puts them at a heigh of 40-45mm making them perfect for small scale games.

The models are designed in component form meaning you can combine parts for a wide array of options. 

Next up we have All Things Zombies, a line of 28mm horror miniatures to add more variety to you zombie hordes, werewolf packs and vampire broods. 

The sculpts are quite nice and look like they'd work great in games like zombicide. And who doesn't love more variety in their horde? 

Dawn: Rise of the Occulites is a charming looking skirmish game where players take over tribes of Occulites, bulbous, one eyed creatures from another world. 

While the miniatures a very quirky, and not to everyone's taste, they do look very detailed and well sculpted and this looks like it would be a great way to introduce kids into the hobby. 

Infinite Crypt is a new line of laser cut terrain designed to suit your dungeon crawling and wargaming needs. The pieces are three dimensional, modular elements that can be put together in any number of ways. 

Last up this week is Sulphur, a 32mm post apocalyptic game by Terragnosis. This campaign features some really lovely looking miniatures.

Such as Big Momma. This buxom lass is just what every wastelander wants to come home to to keep him warm at night.

So there we are folks, another week, another batch of awesome projects to back. If you are currently backing one of these projects, or another project that's running right now, let us know in the comments below. 

And as always, if you know of/run a crowd funding campaign you'd like to see featured here you can get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or on twitter via @talkwargaming or @imm0rtalreaper.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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