Just a real quick one this morning - the Games Workshops 2014 rumored release schedule.

This was posted on 40k Radios facebook page a couple of days ago.

  • JanuaryTyranids
  • February – can’t recall at the moment (Might be Hobbit related)   ~ seriously? 5 lines and he "forgot" one of them.
  • March – Dwarfs
  • April – Imperial Guard
  • May – Wood Elves
  • January - Dwarfs
  • February - Imperial Guard I
  • March - Imperial Guard II
  • April - Wood Elves & new GW Page/Shop
  • May - Orks (40k)
  • June - Bretons
  • July - WHFB 9th Edition Rulebooks & Starter Set
  • August - Space Wolves
  • September - Orcs & Goblins I
  • October - Orcs & Goblins II 

Buzz KILL!

So Orks are the big one missing from the list - possibly February? I was mistakenly under the impression they were a January release (no idea why) so it's likey they're pushed back to June and beyond - or... December 2013? (wishful thinking).

You'll also see in the side column that I've added a new section entitled "GW Rumored Release Schedule". I'll keep this updated with the latest schedule everytime something new appears.


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